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Run Away Marly

Updated on December 26, 2012

Run Away Marly

One summer night I pulled into my boyfriend's neighborhood and to my surprise a cute little dog was wandering around. He looked like he needed help finding his home. Surely he wasn't too far away and his owner would call him home soon. Some time went by and we decided to go to the store. As I pulled up to a stop sign there was the fearless puppy, still exploring the neighborhood. I watched him for a few minutes as he sniffed around in the grass. I wanted to know who he belonged to. He had no collar so there was no way of finding out. I shrugged my shoulders and we continued on our way. After driving about two blocks, I saw a man stop his car to get out and cry Maaaarrrrrlyyyyyy... Maaarrrlyy... Marly!!! There he was; the fearless pup’s owner! Rolling down my window more to stick my head out, I shouted "He's back there!" as I pointed in the direction where we saw Marly sniffing around in the grass. His owner said "Thank you!" and got into his car as quickly as he could to take off and go get Marly.
Feeling relieved we continued on our trip to the store. It was nice knowing that Marly's owner was looking for him and we assumed they would run into each other. Little did we know, Marly was a master at fleeing the scene. On our way back in, we decided to do a quick drive around to check and see if Marly was still out. You would not believe it... Marly's owner was still driving around looking for him. My boyfriend and I decided to help with the search; driving around and around the neighborhood. In sheer desperation, we even started calling for Marly too. "Where could he be?" We had just seen him twice and now he's gone. As time went on we began to grow tired and gave up on the search. I kissed my boyfriend good night and headed home. I couldn't help thinking about Marly as I drove away. I thought maybe I will see him on my way out of the neighborhood. As soon as the thought was complete I spotted something moving around in the dark. I called out Marrrrlyyy. Marly's head popped up and he ran over to my car. I called my boyfriend to let him know that I found the lost puppy. He darted outside to locate Marly's owner. I thought it would be easy to take Marly home but he wasn't too happy when he noticed that I wasn't a familiar face. The puppy I had been searching for turned on me. He started to bark at me and then tried to run away... Oh no! After all this time spent searching for Marly, I was not going to let him get away that easily. I turned my car around, yelled his name like he was my dog and started to follow him. I called my boyfriend back to let him know that Marly was on the run again and that I was hot on his trail. Riding slowly along the curb I tried to let the car behind me know to go around but they insisted on stopping. Then I heard a voice call to Marly. Marly stopped and ran towards the other car with a familiar face. It wasn't his owner that had been looking for him earlier, but another family member showed up just in the nick of time. As I stepped out to explain that I was trying to get Marly home, his owner pulled up. They were so happy to finally have Marly back with them. They said thank you and I gladly told them it was my pleasure to help.
It felt pretty good knowing that Marly was safe. As I drove home I thought about Marly. It seemed like he really enjoyed his time away from home and maybe all he wanted was a little alone time.

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