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Run To The Light

Updated on April 20, 2018

Run To The Light

I'v seen my resting place a new moon sunset in pure grace
Take my hand pull the cord, spread out your hands and reach for the lord.
Read your Bible and struggle no more, its a weapon that comforts your core.
Warmth and peace exist, no need to slit you're wrist.
Washed up, pale, blinded and frail.
The structure is there, decease and despair.

No Greater Love than a man who gives his life for another
Step up and take your last breath for once beloved brother.
You're life will be spared, eternal love and grace shared.

Relax and embrace my hug, let it soothe and heal, try not to shrug
I love you, you love me, now lets be one big family.

Your negativity falls upon deaf ears, run away leave all those fears.
Close your eyes and run to the light
even though darkness impairs your sight.


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