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"Rushing to Nowhere" By Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on October 20, 2013

"Rushing to Nowhere"

Up. Go. Compete.

Swift consumption drives the street

Minds swell with waves of pressure

Scouring, scratching, clawing for domestic treasures

Law abiding nods to green paper that has no power

Time, a commodity that charges by the hour

Rushed, our blades slam against brick

Accelerating in sinking sand, quick

Scared of conclusion, we fight forward purchasing our mirage

Scarred with delusion, mental missiles, warfare, barrage

Ripped of our flesh from the hastening tide

Naked truths exposed, no place to hide

Cold sweat drips down bone




Puddles show ripples, maybe we're not alone

Maybe if I sacrifice i can buy my smiles

Get a fast car, slick wardrobe, charge it, frequent flyer miles

Race to Japan, dart to France, shoot for the stars

Think big, bigger ... Jupiter ... Mars

Only life worth living is the life worth buying

C'mon c'mon get outta the way, eat, sleep, shit, fuck

Look busy while you're dying!

Gasping, suffocating, toiling for air

We speed by each other, rushing to nowhere


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 4 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      Thank you Jan, I appreciate the comment and of course i agree.

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 4 years ago from Washington, DC

      This represents for me a keyhole look at humanity on a daily basis. Why are we so conditioned to rush, grasp, win, and get gratified? We need to take a collective deep breath and chill. Well done, Eric Flynn. Voted up, awesome, and interesting.

    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 4 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      thanks for the kind words Eddy

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Great poem and looking forward to many more.