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Russell's Poems

Updated on July 23, 2011


How so so sad
Broken, not to repair
A simple joy but not
Parade on final never to return
Swim on out, catch the tide
Can’t come back, a one time ride
Nothing to do, no one to see
Ain’t noone there can help poorly me
Here is my story, simple but true
Bent on one side, always ring blue
Out of my light comes something so black
Rounder and rounder calling me back
So outside I come, less frequently now
Home is not home but where I must stay
How much longer, maybe not long
Looking around I see them on song
Birds of a feather, see them rarely now
Gone like me, into their cloud
There is no sorrow, just endless no joy
One last fling to savour, enjoy
Back to my roots, tempting and fleeting
Comfort just passing and back down I go
Down, down and back!

Unfinished Business

Not time to go, not yet, not yet
Too much to do, the start just begun
Give me one more chance, just one more
To conquer, to win for the end
I do not know, I do not understand
The path til now ever strained, lost
Perhaps the gift of all, and some to not
Not fair not fair, but what is that
I feel it coming, I know its there
Breathing deeply, ever present
Taps my shoulder, remember
Time now short, I cannot linger
Day by day, inch by inch
Progress I must, I will
One last one

Creative Night

Star light star bright what will my world bring home tonight
A brilliant bar, a heady stroke, salacious peal upon my yoke
Around I stare and sieze the train, then on I trudge amidst the rain
Is clear to me but not to them, how to declare my sin on Shem
In part to choose and offer much, sometimes no more to feel and touch
Then up I fly and unto heaven, I dare to dream beyond the leaven
So back to ground I find myself, write up the noyance upon the shelf
And so to send, another voice, to clear the air, to offer choice
And over now and on and on, to find a star that’s not yet shone
So satisfied I sit and rest, no more to do to pass the test
Alone I linger and savour all, as once again the answers call
Give now over to human grace, enjoy the moment at langsoms pace
Good night dear night.


Ounghh Ounghh how long it’s been
Burn away burn away etched in my dream
Take me no more, let fall asunder
Tired and moved, time to go under
Enough of this pain, wish not to care
Let slip, let fall as I so dare
Is not this madness a reason for joy
But then once again that they can so toy
Behind and below, above, and so slow
Pick out the specks, make the low blow
Eke it so out, away must it pass
Give me some peace, some savour, some glass
Days move to pain, without blissful sight
Ride on the horse, and into the night
An end to this now, back to the living
Return to my life and on with the giving


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