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Russian river

Updated on August 14, 2012

Sky-high Diamonds shine circling around in my mind, twisting around I shout with a spine shaking shiver. Did you see that I say... That light it's getting bigger. Glowing slow above the treetop's toe's, down by the roots we just don't know.

At ground level we watch in amazement as the light shows, steel blue hue navigates above me and you... Listen UP it's true. All alone in this vast cosmos... Fuk U. I wont shut up you'll see it too, and when you do I hope your right with the grand architect, cause' if not your gonna get wrecked...

I'm a star child and I'm writing this mild. You wanna dip... Dip this and lets get wild. Neglect of the people... Report has been filed... Sent out with a shout, not stacked or piled. No court left to hear your trail, evidence is coincidence you better start running... Running the green mile



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