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The Ryan Jasper Series : Aja Jessup From Human Resource

Updated on August 6, 2016
Orange juice ... Not just for breakfast
Orange juice ... Not just for breakfast | Source

"I thought you might be hungry," I said to Aja Jessup as I handed her a bag of McDonald's .

"Aww, that's so sweet," she said softly, cutting her eyes at one of her co-workers.

Aja was the Administrative Manager of Human Resources. I'd met he when I got interviewed for a clerk position in her department. Even though I didn't get the position, I could tell that she was attracted to me and made it my mission to get her on my side.

I started by sending her flowers, signing them: "Even though I didn't get the position, I still think you're fabulous and want to get to know you better. Give me a call when you receive the flowers".

The flowers were delivered on my off day, so I chilled by the phone, hoping that she'd call. When she did, I went to work.

"They're really beautiful. Thank you."

"Not as beautiful as you."

"You're making me blush."

"Don't let the whole office hear that."

"I'm not in a cubicle. I'm using my office."

"With the door closed?"

"Yeah ..."

"So you do like me."


"Ooo, I love the way you say my name."

"Ry-an," she said with a giggle.

"You have breakfast this morning?"

"A bagel and some juice."

"Why don't you let me go over to Mickey D's before they stop servin' breakfast. You like their pancakes?"

"A breakfast sandwich -- Sausage Mcmuffin with cheese."

"And a danish?"


"Juice or coffee?"

"Orange juice is cool."

"So I'll see you in a lil' bit then."


She didn't believe that I would bring her breakfast, so when I showed up, it was amusing to see her jaw drop. Then she tried to play it off like it was unexpected. Women can be such a trip. To top it off, I came dressed in my best (and only) suit.

"Um, let me put this on my desk ... Come on back," she said, leading the way to her office. After closing the door, she sat down behind the desk and sighed. "I can't believe you actually did this."



"Hey, it's not a gourmet meal ... Just a token of my affection."

"So will you give me another chance to make you appreciate me?"

"Ryan, are you askin' me out?"

"Yeah ... I mean, just for dinner and a movie. I go out to eat a lot and I usually go out by myself. But this time I'd like to take you with me ... If you're interested."

"Oh, I don't know Ryan ..."

"Look, you gotta eat, right?"


"And I gotta eat, right?"

"Right (giggle)."

"So ... Let's eat together. As far as I'm concerned, whose business is it if we do? Besides, if you want, you can eat and run."

"I wouldn't do that."

"Well, that's nice to know."

Aja got off of work at 6pm. I'd agreed to pick her up at the fourth employee bus stop. It was way off in the back of the employee parking lot. Back where nobody would probably notice her getting into a car with someone who didn't have a "Level 1" employee badge. I wasn't tripping though. Actually, it was my idea to meet her back there in order to make her feel more at ease. After all, us dating was sort of against the employee handbook rules.

"You look gorgeous. I forgot to tell you that earlier," I said, as she got into the truck.

"Thank you."

Aja had on a red, ribbed, long sleeve sweater and a long, denim skirt that went down to just above her ankles. There were colorful patterns stitched on the front. On her feet were red leather slip-ons that resembled laceless gym shoes.

"What are we listening to?" she asked softly, twirling one of the short, curly twists in her hair around her finger.

"Uh, it's a Rap group called CROSS MOVEMENT ..."

"Hey, I haven't heard this one. Is it new?

"Wait a minute. You know about Cross Movement?"

Aja smiled brightly. "Actually, no. But I had you goin', didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did." She had a sense of humor. I was feeling that, until she asked the dreaded question.

"Can I turn on the radio?"

"Sure," I replied, a bit disappointed.

A woman loses cool points with me when she can't take a chance on music choices. Not a good sign so early in the date. But as long as she didn't say or do anything to totally upset me, she still had a chance to be "forever my lady" like those JODECI boys sang in their hit song.

I took her to a seafood buffett at a little restaurant facing Lake Michigan. The view of sail boats in the distance as the sun began to set and the Chicago skyline was awesome.

"This is nice," Aja said breathlessly as she stared out of the huge window which was a part of our booth.

"I'm glad you like it."

When our legs brushed against each other, Aja blushed. Retracting her leg, I grabbed it aback by hooking her heel with the front of my foot. When she didn't attempt to pull it away, I slipped off my left shoe. Using my big toe to manipulate her shoe off, I stroked and caressed her foot with mine. Staring out at the lake with a smile on her face, Aja seemed to ignore what was going on under the table.

The buffett was tight. A seafood bar. Chinese food. Salad bar. Desserts galore. The macaroni and cheese was too creamy, but the eye rolling bread pudding more than made up for it.

"So you like bread puddin', huh?" Aja said, spying the overflowing saucer/bowl in front of me with a grin.

"It's alright," I responded.


"So what movie do you wanna see? Anything in particular?"

Aja cut her eyes over at me briefly, before returning to her thick slice of cherry cheesecake. "Not really. Why?"

"I was thinkin' ... I have all kinds of flicks at the crib ... If you're comfortable ... Maybe we could avoid the crowd and just watch some movies that I have at home. 'Cause I really don't want to share you with anyone else ... Just a suggestion."

Taking a forkful of cheesecake into her mouth and slowly sliding the fork back out, Aja responded, "Um ... What you got?"

"Love Jones , The Five Heartbeats , Soulfood , House Party 1 and 3 ..."

"What about 2?"

"I didn't like House Party 2 ... The first one is a classic. The 3rd was just plain funny. But 2 was stupid to me."

"You know they have a part 4."

"That doesn't count. Because I saw it on tv with a different name. And the story is awful. The only good thing about it is that ol' fine ALEXIS FIELDS is in it. But I think that movie was a waste of space on her resume."

"I liked it."

"Well, okay." She just lost more cool points. "So, what did you wanna do? 'Cause if we're going to the theater ..."

"Um ... We can skip the theater."

"Cool," I said, trying not to grin as I finished my dessert.


"Make yourself at home Miss Aja," I said, leading her into the apartment. "I'll be right back. Pick a movie."

I left Aja alone for a little while, giving her a chance to get comfortable. Would she slip off her shoes? Usually when a sister took off their shoes in your space, it meant that they felt safe with you.

When I returned, Aja was sitting comfortably on the couch. The street light outside of the window captured by the thin ankle bracelet on her left leg and toe ring on her right foot.

"I picked Mo Better Blues , " she said. "Is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's one of my favorites."

After sitting down next to my date, she let me put my arm around her, drawing her closer to me. Before long we were kissing passionately, my hands cupping her breasts through the sweater. Soon I was easing up her skirt until it gathered up at her waist, massaging her legs and inner theighs. By this time, there was no doubt that she'd end up in my bed.

Once there, I kissed and caressed Aja all over, savoring her skin, enjoying the very taste of her. Her total surrender to me suggested that maybe no one had ever loved her so extensively. Or maybe she was just sprung on me ... I tried not to let my ego take over, remembering that women make love --mind, body and soul. They give themselves over totally ... I was feeling that and appreciating that.

Peter, Mickey and Davy -- The Monkees
Peter, Mickey and Davy -- The Monkees | Source

Later on that day, I was supposed to meet Aja's sister, Reniya. She was going to meet us at a nearby restaurant for lunch. It was her day off, but Aja was taking a late lunch. Though lil' sis was 15 minutes late, it was definitely worth the wait. Beauty ran in their family --mad deep.

"Reniya, this is Rayan," Aja said.

"Hi Ryan," she said, extending her hand. "I've heard a lot about you." Her hand was so warm, her touch electrifying. I didn't want to let it go.

Her skin tone was a little bit lighter than her sister's. Her body a little more slender and her eyes were hypnotic. I couldn't stand it.

Turns out that Miss Reniya was majoring in Psychology, going to

collegethree nights a week. And though her big sister still lived in the family house on the South Side of Chicago, Reniya lived a few minutes away from me ... How convenient.

"So do you like it where you stay?" I asked as I dug into my salad, covered in Bleu Cheese dressing.

"It's a little ghetto sometimes. Loud car radios, loud neighbors ... And you know they love fireworks in Indiana. I swear, as soon as the first warm day of the new year comes ... Pop, pop, pop all night long."

"Yeah. When I first moved in my place, I thought I heard gunshots out in the alley ..."

"But it was fireworks?" Aja asked.


Reniya's leg brushed up against mine, but neither one of us did anything to rectify the situation.

"So ... Are you comin' to the pool party?" Reniya asked.

"Pool party?"

Aja tapped herself on the forehead. "Oh, I almost forgot. I'm having a pool party at the house next month. You have to come."

"As long as it doesn't fall on one of my DJing nights, I'll be there, or leave early."

"You're a DJ?"

"Yeah Girl. I thought I told you. He play Church music though. Church Rap and Church R&B."

She made it sound so dirty. It was remarks like that which would make her time in my attention span short. Nobody disses my music and gets rewarded with a meaningful relationship with me. Sorry, that's just the rules.

"So you're more into artists like KIRK FRANKLIN and COMMISSIONED."

"Right ... What you know about Commissioned?"

"Please. I love Commissioned. Though I have to admit that I stopped listening to them when FRED HAMMOND left the group. But when I heard the reunion CD, I went back and bought the last two projects."

"Interesting," I said, rubbing my leg against hers.

"Okay ... Can we bring the conversation ack to a more general topic?"

"Right," I said, biting my tongue before I said something that might hurt Aja's feelings.

"Besides ....," She continued, but then stopped herself. "No"

"Go on," I said, sensing that she was about to dig herself into a deeper hole.

"No, I was just wondering how you got so deep into the music you spin. Most of the stuff in your music collection, I've never even heard of."

"Urban Contemporary Gospel is kind'a like a lot of non Christian Hip Hop. It's mostly Underground. A lot of cats tryin' to get 'on'. Cats on tiny labels or making music in their basements, tryin' to get love from the majors ... Truth is, if they played certain songs on radio stations, more people would get exposed; more people would be liking acts if they heard them 10 times a day like they hear J-LO."

"But what keeps you interested?"

"I like music --period. I'm drawn to good music and if the message is relatable ...."

"But a lot of those folks sound like regular singers and rappers. It's like they tryin' to be popular by bitin' somebody else's style."

"People are influenced by other people that do what they do. Some folks say R KELLY 'bit' AARON HALL's style. Aaron sounds like CHARLIE WILSON from THE GAP BAND and so on and so on ... This new cat, GLENN LEWIS sounds like STEVIE WONDER. Lots of R&B guys 'bite' Stevie. Stevie, himself, counts DONNY HATHAWAY as an influence of his sound. RAY CHARLES said that he sounded like CHARLES BROWN for a long time before he figured out what his voice was ... It's just like that sometimes."

"Dag Ryan, it's not that serious. But thanks for the history lesson though."

"Mmm hmmm .... Anytime," I said, turning my attention back to my salad.

When I wasn't dealing with narrow minded sisters, I was hanging out with my boys. Being an only child, I didn't realize what it was like to have brothers until I met Mason and Shawn.

Mason was the manager at a department store in Chicago. Shawn was a teacher for Chicago's school system. When we weren't chillin' at one another's crib, we were at the Walmart by my apartment.

We'd sit in the car for a while, watching who pulled in or came out of the store. Once we finished catching up with one another's current events, the three of us would get out, go into the store and see what there was to see.

Our favorite spot in the store was the Electronics section. Movies, music, video games. That was our thing. They were the only people in the whole wide world that got me. If they were women ... Okay, let's not go there. But what I'm getting at is that I wish I could find a woman like that. That would be my sign from heaven to settle down and burn my "mack" papers.

"So ol' girl startin' to get on your nerves huh?" Mason asked as we browsed through the huge bargain bin full of $5.88 priced DVDs.

"Now y'all know, when a chick start dissin' the music ..."

"I don't know R.J. I mean, I know your music is important to you," Shawn began. "Hey! Risky Business !"

"See if you can find another one," I said, still fishing.

"Yeah. But should you dump a sister for not likin' what you like?"

"My feelin' is ... If you don't respect my music, then you don't respect me. Plus, did I tell you that she don't like Commissioned?"

"Dump the b**ch," Mason stated plainly. And he meant that.

"And I made her a tape with the best cuts from each album. I thought I was go'ne cry."

"What you cryin' about Boy?" a sweet voice behind me asked.

Turning around, I saw Reniya Jessup standing behind me with the Commissioned Reunion CD in her hand."

"I thought you had that one already?"

"I do. But I wanted a second copy for the car. Because when I really like something, I have the tendency to wear it out," she said, cutting her eyes over at me and holding her stare.

"Dig that," Mason mumbled.

"Oh Reniya, these are my boys, Mason and Shawn."

"Hi Fellas. Pleased to meet you."

"Likewise," the fellas responded.

"Hey R, we gon'e check out the CD singles. We'll catch up with you," Mason offered.


"They seem nice," Reniya said as the boys walked away.

"Yeah. Those two are class acts. For real."

"So, Aja didn't tell me that you hang out at department stores."

"Well, your sister doesn't know everything there is to know about me."

"Is it that she doesn't know , or you told her but she wasn't listenin'?"

I simply smiled, turning to continue searching the bargain bin.

"What you lookin' for?" she asked as she joined me.

"The perfect fit."

"For your movie collection or for your life?"

I let the question lie for a minute fefore saying, "Both."

"Are you lookin' in the right places?"

"Probably not."

"So what are you gonna do?"

"Don't know."

"If you don't like what you're gettin', change what you're doin'."

"Good advice. Hard to follow."

"You scared of a challenge?"

"No." I looked over at her and she looked up to meet my eyes.

"You sure?"

"No doubt."

"Handle your business then ... I gotta go."

I grabbed Reniya's arm. "Yo ... Wait a minute. You come and spout the mystic Kung Fu talk and then you jet? What's up with that?"

"What do you want me to say Ryan?"

"That you're attacted to me. That you wanna be my woman even though I've been dealin' with your sister."

"You said it. Why should I?" Gently pulling her arm from my grasp, Reniya began to walk away. Stepping and reaching into the side pockets of her jogging pants, she pulled out a card and handed it to me. "Give me a ring."

"Why don't we skip the phone tag and you just come chill with me and my boys. We're gonna get some pizza and watch some flicks. Truth be told, now that I know what's on your mind, I don't wanna let you out of my sight."

"Oh really?"

"No doubt."

"You wanna get my pants that bad huh?"

Caught off guard, I swallowed.

Reniya walked up on me, so close that we were less than an inch away from each other. "Say it ... Say that you just gotta have you some 'Niya."

I was about to, but I shied away from letting women order me around. Next thing you knew, I'd be carrying her purse in the mall.

"What do you want Miss Reniya? You get off from tryin' ta take your sister's man?"

Her eyes locked on mine, but Reniya didn't say a word.

"So are you comin' to my crib or not?"

"Give me the address."

We ordered a deep dish pizza and watched Risky Business and House Party 3 ; laughing our heads off at comedian, BERNIE MAC. The brother was too funny.

Reniya kicked off her sneakers and looked like she belonged in my pad --offering to refill drinks for the boys and washing dishes ... I was so turned on that I didn't hesitate reminding my brothers that they had to be at work in the morning and I didn't. They took the hint after letting me sweat it out a bit.

As soon as Mason and Shawn were out the door, I clicked off the lights in the kitchen. Reniya was letting the water down the drain as I came up behind her, quickly untying the drawstring on her pants.

Sucking on her neck, I yanked her pants down, exposing her lower body to me. I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to be inside of her so bad that I didn't even think about moving towards the bedroom. Releasing myself from the Hunter Green colored sweatpants that I was wearing, I took Reniya right there in the kitchen, bent over the sink. I didn't care. My arousal button had been activated hours earlier and I felt as if I was going to explode.

The sex was tremendous. But do you believe that chick had the nerve to light up a cigarette afterwards? There was no way that I wold be dating a sister full of Cancerous chemicals. Uh uh. Never.

She put it out, but her breath smelled like charcoal. There was no way I was going to kiss her again ... Such a beautiful woman, but now she was ugly to me ... Plus, as much as I hated to admit it, I felt a little strange sexxin' two sisters. I mean, I didn't think about it during intercourse, but after we sexxed one more time and she fell asleep, it did manage to cross my mind.

Funny, all of the sex I was having and I wasn't any closer to finding my lover for life like WHITNEY HOUSTON sang about. I think in the back of my mind, I knew that the "it" girl would be the sister that wouldn't pull her knickers down for me.

I loved sex. However, it was too easy once you figured things out. Flash a little money or transfer to a better position and the chicks flocked to you. Have a brand new vehicle and sisters give you a second look. Let it leak that you'll d**k a sister down like a mad man and everybody want a sample.

What about those old flicks that I used to wtach when I was a kid? CARY GRANT. JIMMY STEWART ... Wasn't there any truth to seeing a sister across a crowded room; your eyes locking and you knowing that she'll be your wife?

I'm talkin' about holding hands in the rain, going steady but not getting any more than a kiss until you can't take it any more and decide that you can't live without her. Love American style. Love on a two way street. A "hey there lonely girl" kind'a love ... One thing was for sure ... This wasn't it.

As Reniya snored --loudly-- I offered up a heartfelt prayer to God. "Lord ... I need more in my life than what I'm gettin' ... I want a real love. A pure love ... Is it too late? Have I messed up my chances ...? Forgive me Father for putting myself in these situations ... Give me someone that I can bring home to Mom ... Thank you Lord ... Even if its not Your will ... Thank you."


Getting Rid of Aja Jessup

I hated to admit it, but Baby looked good. With a PUMA t-shirt, a khaki skirt and leather clogs. Plus she had this wounded/"I missed you so much" expression on her face. So when I opened the door and she just stood there, the only other plausible thing I could think of was to open up my arms.

Tears fell from her eyes as Aja rushed into my arms, holding me tightly. In a situation like this, mentioning her reversing the termination process didn't seem appropriate. Instead I wrapped my arms under her ample behind, boosting her up so that our lips met in a passionate, hungry kiss.

As I carried her towards the bedroom, I reached down with one hand to slide her shoes off of her feet. Placing Aja down on my bed, I was going to pull off her skirt but she beat me to the punch by pulling me down and rolling me over on my back, stripping my clothes off.

In fact, all I had to do was lay there. As Aja attempted to ravish me, the most polite response seemed to be to let her. While in the back of my mind I considered that Aja could be clever enough to trick me into thinking that she was on my side in order to get her some. But as good as she took care of me, I wasn't going to intefere.

"I missed you so much Baby," Aja said after the fourth round of sexual olympics, stroking my chest.

"Gee, I couldn't tell."

Aja giggled as she covered her face with her hand and then went back to rubbing on my chest.

I wanted to mention the job situation so bad, but I didn't wanna take a chance on spoiling her mood. Besides, I was getting sleepy after all of that intercourse.

When I awoke the next morning, Aja was gone. Thinking that maybe i was right about her just wanting some sex, I turned back over and closed my eyes again.

Around noon, the phone woke me up. Sitting up in bed, I caught it on the fourth ring, surprised at who was on the other end.

"It's come to our attention that the sexual harassment charge has been recanted. Evidently, the charge was a misunderstanding and on behalf of the company, I would like to extend my apology."

"Um ... It's fine. I understand that you have to take such claims seriously."

"Yes we do ... And also ... If you are interested, we would really like to have you back."


"Yes. All benefits will be restored and in addition, we'd like to offer you 3 PTO (paid time off) days starting today to make up for your lost time."

Big wow. "That's very generous of you."

"Then you accept?"

"Well, actually ... Today and tomorrow would be my days off anyway."

"Okay ... You'd usually be back on Saturday morning?"


"Okay. So we'll see you on Tuesday morning then. You'll be able to pick up your badge at Security Control."

"Okay. Thank you."

"No. Thank you ."

As I hung up the phone, I surmised that Aja got up early enough to change, get to work and make things right. The hows and whys didn't particularly matter to me. She probably had a friend who could make things right with a push of a button on a computer screen. All I cared about was that I was back on the payroll until I could find me a gig that paid just as good if not better. Perhaps it was time to step up my efforts in becoming an entrepreneur.


I had about 1500 dollars saved up. Using that, I rented halls to throw "praise parties" once a month.

The first one only brought in 100 party goers and 600 dollars after charging for refreshments.

The third event in August ... With word of mouth, advertising in a couple of newspapers and on the internet, I was able to spin for 800 people and pocket $2,000. Imagine my delight.

I didn't include Aja in on my events. Though we were still seeing each other practically everyday, I played down the gigs; letting her assume that I was just doing my regular spots at ClubJC2.

However, my boys were in. Mason even got a couple of his employees from the store to help sell refreshments. While Shawn got a couple of female staff members from the school to help as well. And although I was willing to pay them something for their trouble, the guys swore that they would take care of everything pro bono ... I didn't ask, figuring that they were "giving sausage" to the so-called volunteers.

The best part of the deal was that word of my events continued to get around. Soon I was receiving offers to do sets at various clubs across town. Which meant that I needed to bring my crowd to each place so that I could be assured of a "live" atmosphere and the possibility of a return to those venues.

I wanted to be the FUNKMASTER FLEX of the Christian music industry. Flex was a New York DJ who had been known to make $600 an hour. While I didn't know if that was possible for a Christian DJ, i wasn't going to limit God. I would be open to His leading.

What I had determined after my second Summer event was that I couldn't guarantee an all Christian crowd. And that meant that the folks that were dragged along by someone else wouldn't be familiar with the majority of what I was playing. So what I learned how to do was mix Secular music with Christian music, resulting in a very powerful set.

However, as my popularity grew, Aja was beginning to get upset. Where I had been only doing only one gig per month and then two, my success allowed me to book a regular Monday and Tuesday night gig at two different Secular nightclubs.

She wanted all of my time attention, which I wasn't willing to give. Plus, the nights I had club dates meant that my sleep was shortened before having to get up to go to work. Which meant that when I got home from the boat, all I wanted to do was hit the sack.

"Ryan I hardly get a chance to be with you!" she screamed on the phone.

"I know Boo. But I need to make that money so I can save up for a house. You know that."

"What's wrong with your apartment? I love your apartment!"

I had to remember that this was someone who still lived at home with her parents. She didn't understand ownership or independance. And if she knew that I wanted to be my own boss, she might help me to lose my job again. Which was unacceptable. I would joyfully leave the boat on my own terms, not hers. So I had to appeal to the golddigger in her. What was in it for her?

"Baby, if I get a house, the we can have more room ..."


"Yeah. I want you to be able to have a backyard where you can chill in a lawn chair and watch your soaps while you sip your drink."

Her voice softened. "That sounds nice and everything. But by the time I get off of work in the evening, it'll be kind of late to be watching tv out in the yard. Bringing the TV and the VCR and ..."

"Naw. If you're not working, then you can watch your pictures when they come on ."


"So you're sayin' that I wouldn't have to work? I could stay at home and wait for you?"

"No doubt."


Uh huh. Got you figured out, don't I?

After our little discussion, Aja didn't trip anymore about my club dates. In fact, she began telling her friends to come out and support me. No doubt hoping to put more money in my pocket. But of course, she never came, because the type of DJ that I was just didn't make sense to her. And perhaps she made up in her mind that sex and food were the only way to a man's heart. And that was her mistake.

In the back of my mind, if she could have gotten on board, supporting me and learning to respect my music, I could have made her "number one". But deep down I knew that she wouldn't. Which was why when she sent all of these so called friends of hers to my dates, I went out of my way to make them fans ... or should I say, groupies; knocking one another over in order to get a slice of the time that Aja took for granted. And when the time was right, I was going to set the stage for her to exit this farce of a relationship.


Renita, The Cocktail Server

As a former cocktail server who moved up to a top office position, Aja knew a lot of the sisters on the boat. I don't know if she had a big get together at her house when she issued a statement about our escapades or what. But I did notice that sisters were looking at me differently. It was like in the movie, Boomerang. When EDDIE MURPHY got with ROBIN GIVENS and she was telling everybody in the office about how she turned him out in bed.

Renita ... Cocktail server with sandy brown, full shoulder length hair ... Mocca colored skin ... Hazel eyes. Long legs. Kissable lips ... I'd had my eye on her since I first started working at this joint. But she was the type of sister that just seemed unobtainable.

Gold spaghetti strapped top with an emphasis on cleavage. Black rayon shorts and black stockings was the uniform. Renita chose to wear high, thick heeled pumps, which led me to believe that she might need a foot massage at the end of her shift. But when I saw her sitting in the land based cafeteria at 4am, I had no idea that she would want to sit with me.

"Is it alright if i sit here?" she asked, placing her drink on the table. Now, remember, this is someone who had never spoken to me before --ever.

Caught off guard, I said, "Uh, sure. That's fine."

Setting her see-through, box shaped purse to the left of her food tray, she looked at my blue jumpsuit. "So you're Hardcount, huh?" She asked, referring to the department that I worked in.

"Why you askin' me somethin' you already know?"

Renita smiled.

"So is it hectic on your floor?"

"Yeah ... My floor is always jumpin' around lunch time. They play those slots like their life depend on it. My feet are killin' me."

"Why don't you let me massage those for you."

Without saying another word, Renita took off her heels, shifting in her seat so that she could put her feet in my lap comfortably.

"Mmmm ... That feels good," she purred.

"What do you get? 30 minutes for break?"

"Usually, but I got an hour because I came in a few hours early to help out ... Why?"

"Because I'd like to spend the rest of that time alone with you if I could. Is that okay?"

"Okay," she said, moving her feet and rising as I carried her shoes and led her out of the cafeteria.

We walked towards the employee elevator. Though I could sense that she was waiting for me to hand her shoes over, I didn't offer, so she didn't ask.

As a former EVS worker (housekeeping), I'd cleaned most of the areas on the boat and the pavilion on land. So I knew where all of the potential make out spots were. The absolutely best spots were on the fourth floor. The third and fourth floors contained administrative offices and cubicles. However, there was this one conference room that was never used after midnight ...

It had been my job --when assigned to clean that floor-- to vacuum the entire department. Any cleaning people would have been finished by at least one o'clock if they were following the clean-up checklist from A to Z. Any office workers working late would either be holed away in locked offices, working on the boat or gone for the night.

Kicking away the doorstop that held open one half of the double doors, I watched as darkness enveloped the room. The only light came from the moon hanging over the lake. The entire North wall of the conference room seemed to be all window.

"That is so-o-o beautiful," she said in a sweet whisper as she stood directly in front of the window.

Setting her shoes down on the conference table, I said, "Naw ... Doesn't even compare to you Boo." Wrapping my arms around her from behind, I pulled her gently, closer to me.

Renita blushed and place her hands atop mine. This encouraged me to move in for the kill, kissing her neck. Before long, I'd hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband of her shorts, sliding them down as far as I could without changing my position.

Cupping Renita's behind, I moved my kisses down her back until I reached what I was holding. Devouring her through panty hose; pulling cheeks apart and kissing between them. Standing again, I smothered her chest -- sprayed with a sweet fragrance-- with kisses ... Kissing the tattoo of a butterfly on her shoulder blade ...

We stood there in this forbidden area. By now I was caressing her body all over, pressing against it. Once her hose and panties were removed, I knew that Renita was mine, all mine. In appreciation, I lathered her with affection, laying her down on the long conference table. That's where we became one, not budging from that spot until it was time for her to board the boat.

As Renita wrote down her phone number for me, I couldn't help replaying something that she'd said in the midst of passion: "Oh Baby .... Aja was right about you!"


"What do you mean you quit your job?!"

"Just what I said."

"I'm about to have your baby and you quit your job?! After all I ..."

"After all you did to get it back for me?"


"Well if you hadn't gotten me fired in the first place, then you wouldn't have had to get me my job back! Would you?!"

Aja's frown lines disappeared as she looked down at the floor. Somehow I didn't have the heart to say what was next on my mind. That I'd only slept with her to persuade her to reverse the termination order. Instead, I came 99.9 percent clean.

"Look Aja ... I do care about you. But I don't feel that we should continue this relationship. I think we want different things out of life and tryin' to keep this goin' ..."

"Just like that."

"No. Not just like that ... It's something that should'a been said a long time ago, but I didn't."

"And what about the baby?"

"Honestly Aja ... I want the baby."

"Well what if I don't?!"

"Then you just don't," I said in an exhausted tone. "It's your body. Any court'll bac you in that probably. But just don't go around sayin' that I made you get an abortion. Because I've never said that."

"So you want my baby, but you don't want me? How nice."

"Aja ... Are you going to have the baby or not?"

"I guess you'll just have to wait and see," she said, turning to walk towards the door.

"Ain't you tired of playin' games?" I asked as Aja turned the knob. "Do you really want to lose what little respect I got for you?!"

Aja released the knob. "So if you got only so much respect for me, how'd I get pregnant? You sure haven't been screwin' me like your respect is limited."

"Yeah, well ..."

"Or did you just take me back so you could get your job back?"

"Yes ... I did."

Aja's eyes slowly widened as her jaw dropped. Then without warning she hauled off and punched me in the jaw, leaping on top of me as I fell backward.

"You evil motherf***er!!" she screamed as she attempted to beat a hole in my chest.

I grabbed her wrists, rolling her over on her back. "You started it Sis."

Aja caught me off guard by kneeing me. When I fell over on my back, she began slapping me repeatedly upside my head and face. But once I was able to grab her hands, the more she squirmed, so I increased the grip.

She began kicking the floor with the toes of her boots like a 2 year old having a tantrum. Wrapping my legs around hers, I locked down on them so that she couldn't move.

"Let me go!!" she screamed.


"Let me go Ryan!"


Tears began to fall from her eyes and I unlocked her legs, gently easing her into an embrace. And we lay like that for several seconds as I stroked her head; running my fingers through her hair. Once she composed herself, Aja raised herself up, stopping to look me in the eyes.

Before I knew it, she and I were kissing --but with affection instead of the hungry pasion that we usually thrived off of. It was different. More sensual ... Longer ... As if it were our last time seing and touching one another's bodies. Or maybe it was just an acknowledgement that we were saying goodbye to whatever it was we'd had, somewhat in the same way we'd said hello.

The next morning, Aja got up to make me breakfast without any mention of the events of the previous day. Instead, dressed in one of my t-shirts and a pair of sweat socks she'd left over, she began talking about the baby.

"Can you come with me for my check-ups?"

"Yeah. I can do that ... You just make sure you do what the doctor tells you to do."


"So what do you want? A girl or a boy?" she asked.

"I think I'd like to have a daughter."

"For real?"

"Yeah. But, you know, whatever comes out, I'll love just the same ... We gotta get clothes and a crib."

"A crib ... But I think we should wait on the clothes. If something were to happen, I'd probably lose my mind, looking at a bunch of baby stuff all over the place."

"Nothing's gonna happen. But we can wait if that's what you want ... And you know ... Don't hesitate to call me if you need anything."


That said, we finished our breakfast in silence.


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