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Ryan and Emily

Updated on July 31, 2013

Short story

Walking outside with my friend outside after school, I see him walking as well and he sees me and smiles. I smile back but I am shy to talk to him. He walks toward me, but I am thinking that he sees a friend but he stops right in front of me. He says hi and I say hi back, he asked me if I liked school today and I said it was good. I ask him the same question and he said it was ok. He wondered if we could continue this conversation on the phone. I hesitate a little but I say yes. He gives me his number and he tells me to call him. My friend is excited and so am I, but I still am scared to talk to him. He is like one of the coolest people that I have had a small conversation before. It sounds kind of cheesy but I have liked him since I met him. I get home to do my chores and my homework so I don’t seem too eager. I have dinner and watch some television. I finally get the chance to the phone and dial his number. The phone rings and I am anticipating, his line picks up and it’s his mom that is on the phone. “Oh hi, Mrs. Goodall is Ryan home?” She asks who is calling and I tell her it’s Emily. She tells me he’s not home yet. Dejected, I say ok but before I hang up his mom says that he just walked into the door. “Sweetie, Emily is on the phone for you” I hear at the end. He says hey and was expecting my call for a while. I tell him that I had errands and homework to do. He laughs and says yeah he just came back from the store with his dad. I start to smile and there are so many questions I want to start off with but I don’t know. “What did you buy at the store?” Oh my God, I thought to myself could I be any lamer? He told me just some food for the house. I say oh and that’s cool. There was awkward silence then he broke it by saying he was tired but he would see me at school tomorrow. “Maybe we could sit at lunch together,” he suggested. I start smiling but play it cool and say that sounds good. We both say bye and hang up. Wow, I say to myself. I felt like I bored his ear off but I am hopeful.


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