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Rhythm of Tabla

Updated on April 9, 2018

Music sometime becomes the essence of our living and gives altogether a new dimension to Life

Music in any form can create magic. I was fortunate enough to grow up making rhythm of Tabla a part of my life. Right from my birth till 4th standard I grew up in my ancestral home and we had our distant relative as our neighbor. There was an uncle in that house who was a tabla player. He used to practice the tabla in a room made of mud and bamboo. Winter, summer, autumn, spring, rain....whatever the season is or occasion is, he used to always continue his practice. So right from my childhood I used to sleep listening to different taal being played his magical fingers creating music and even we used to get up listening to it. During rainy season, with the 'dadra' , 'trital' the drops of rain seemed to attain a different motion with the magic of the music of tabla. As a child I never could differentiate out if he used to play that always because of his happiness, passion or sadness. The only thing I was certain about is that the rhythm of his table should go on. Those beats of music used to make me even more happy at moments of glory and sad when I used to be sad. They used to talk to me in the form of music. Whenever as a child I used to visit that uncle, he always used to smile and that used to be followed by another new beats, a new music. I used to feel might be he made music his expression. But unfortunately, like many other talents, with time he became lost in the crowd. We gradually became busy with life and had no time to follow his music. Really don't remember when the sound slowly stopped making any notice or difference in my mind. Gradually after 4th standard we shifted to a new house in the same lane. With time we got busy with studies, friends and other activities. So the impact of that sound of tabla get removed silently from my life. I completed my 12th standard and came to a different place for my higher studies. There one day I went to a college concert by a famous drummer Shivamani. After a long time suddenly I recollected those Rhythm of tabla like a old fable and felt my instant connection with those beats. I Immediately called up my mother and asked my mom her about the uncle and his tabla. I was really shocked to hear from my mother that he became mentally sick out of frustrations in his life and was under treatment. What was more sad was that he stopped playing Tabla. It must be just like abstaining oneself from talking to the soul. It is really pathetic for situation, unemployment and life acting so rude to a person who used to talk through music and bloomed happiness into the budding stage of many people like me. Might be his music, his passion, his talent went unnoticed from the bigger audience, but still I thought of writing these today as a tribute to the person who added some smile, flavor and music to my life.........I will always look forward for a day when he again should gather the courage to spread music again. I know it is difficult but it should not be impossible.


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    • donabhatt profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Hyderabad

      thanks a lot ....................I could not manage time to write for sometime. So this is like my coming back write up and your encouraging comment acted like a greeting smile.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for this interesting report


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