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Ryu vs Captain America

Updated on October 22, 2012

Ryu is one of the most popular arcade superheroes. His fighting career can be described no less as astounding. He already faced several notorious villains and overcame even the tightest situations just to save the oppressed and serve justice. Captain America shares such kind of passion. This patriotic super soldier, like Ryu, will do everything in his capabilities to assure every innocent citizen will sleep peacefully every night. What if these two might super heroes face each other on a battle? Who would emerge victorious? Can Ryu’s infamous Hadouken be enough to penetrate Captain America’s seemingly impenetrable defense?

Ryu battle pose.
Ryu battle pose.


Real Name: Ryu

Place of Birth: Japan

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 176 lbs

Powers: Martial Art rooted in Ansatsuken with various special techniques like Hadouken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku

Brief History: As a very young child, Ryu was orphaned and left with no memories about his parents, and whether they were still alive. He was found and adopted by a man named Gouken who raised Ryu in his secluded dojo and trained Ryu in the ways of his martial arts. Shortly afterwards, Gouken would later train his best friend's spoiled son, Ken Masters. Ken served not only as a sparring partner, but also gave Ryu a friend in the form of a boy his own age. Ryu looked up to Gouken as a father figure, and regards Ken as his best friend and surrogate brother, a relationship which remains to this day. When Ryu was 23 years old,Gouken believed that Ryu was ready to travel the world in order to test and hone his martial skills against the best fighters from around the world. With this, Ryu left Gouken's dojo, and headed to fight in the World Warrior tournament.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Ryu’s main battle advantage is his diverse attacks. Regardless what technique or battle approach his enemy applies, Ryu can counter it with ease. His special technique Hadouken is quite powerful as well and is particularly effective against enemies who are weak against long ranged attacks. Ryu’s courage is second to none as well. He is even willing to offer his own life in seeking justice and defending the oppressed. His master molded him to become one of the best fighters in the world with a pure heart teeming with determination to eliminate the forces of evil once and for all. Probably the only weakness of Ryu is his merciful attitude. He often hesitates in finishing off and enemy. Although such kind of attitude is a sign of being a noble warrior, enemies who are willing to do everything just to win usually use Ryu’s pitiful mind-set in gaining advantage. Will this weakness decide the outcome of Ryu vs Captain America?

Captain America jumping off a building.
Captain America jumping off a building.

Captain America

Real Name: Steve Rogers

Place of Birth: Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220 lbs

Powers: Modified body to reach the peak of human capabilities in terms of speed, strength and endurance, seemingly indestructible shield, and excellent combat skills

Brief History: Steve Rogers had a very hard life. He was left alone during his teenage years as his parents died. None even thought that this thin fine arts student would eventually become the superhero that the entire country will love. His body may not be the best one around yet his heart is. This was the main reason why the doctor behind the project chose him. The procedure was a success and Steve Rogers was granted with astounding strength and speed that no other human can match. He then took a lot of training to hone his combat skills. He played a big role during the Second World War and saved millions of lives. His last mission, sadly, was a disaster. The plane he was aboard crashed on the arctic and there was no way for him to be rescued. His body due to the serum was preserved in the ice and was recently discovered, which is the main reason why his superhero days were extended in the future.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The champion of America with his seemingly indestructible shield can defeat even the mightiest enemies through his unequaled patriotism and bravery. These two qualities made Captain America one of the most loved superheroes today. Moreover, his shield made him a master of defense. It enables him to deflect even the strongest attacks. He also trained for years to be adept in using his shield like a boomerang and greatly increase his offensive potentials. His superhuman speed and strength even made him a greater hero. Probably the only weakness of Captain America is if his enemy can come up with a plan that could totally get rid of his shield. Without his shield to defend him, Captain America is an easy target for enemies who specialize in projective attacks. He can use guns and fist for attack but he is more effective in swinging his shield and throwing it to enemies. Will this weakness be the deciding factor in Ryu vs Captain America?

Ryu kicking Captain America.
Ryu kicking Captain America.

The Battle:

Ryu was meeting up with Ken in a department store. They were planning to pack up and be ready for their next quest in search for Bison. As always, Ken was late. He was sitting patiently on a bench for a couple of minutes and was simply observing every person that walks by. The department store was very crowded that day yet he managed to notice guy with a huge shield on his back. He never knew about superheroes like Captain America as he spends most of his time training in deep forests and high mountains. The weird look of Captain America alarmed Ryu. His suspicion grew even more as their eyes met. Captain America found Ryu’s look quite alarming as well so he approached the stranger to ask who he is and why is he wearing a fighting suite in the department store. Before Captain America could get near Ryu, one of Red Skull’s henchmen appeared. The two heroes were shocked yet they managed to immediately cast their attacks toward the enemy. Captain America threw his shield while Ryu released a Hadouken, one of his infamous techniques. Their two ferocious attacks eliminated the enemy with ease. Ryu totally misjudge the situation. He thought that Captain America was planning to deflect his attack and the enemy was his ally. Captain America thought the same as well so he immediately initiated an attack, charging towards Ryu with his shield upfront. Ryu released several Hadoukens but they were all useless against Captain America’s shield. After closing the distance Captain America ferociously swung his shield hitting Ryu in the face. Ryu was thrown away yet he managed to regain balance. Ryu responded with a series of lightning fast kicks. Captain America can’t do a thing but hold his shield tightly and wait until Ryu’s barrage stops. Ryu realized that there is no way for him to break Captain America’s shield so he grabbed it tightly and tried to take it away from him. It’s now a tug of war as to who will gain possession of the shield. Both heroes are equally matched in terms of strength yet Ryu has tons of techniques on his sleeves. He rolled while holding the shield sending Captain America flying. Ryu knew that it was his only chance to defeat Captain America so he threw the shield away and delivered a flaming uppercut, a technique popularized by his brother Ken. Captain America can’t do anything in mid air but block the attack by putting his arms together and somehow defend his vital points. Nonetheless, such a weak defense was useless against Ryu’s uppercut. Captain America received the blow and fell on the ground. The Avenger fainted. Ryu won’t kill an opponent if not extremely needed by the situation so he left the ruined department store and called it a day.


Ryu's hard right punch.
Ryu's hard right punch.

Who would win the match?

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Ryu firing a Hadouken.Ryu positioning for battle.Ryu focusing his energy.Ryu's defensive stance.Ryu about to unleash Hadouken.Captain America about to attack.Captain America fan art.Captain America leading the way.Capatain Amertica's teeming spirit to fight for justice.Captain America poses with the Flag of America as background.
Ryu firing a Hadouken.
Ryu firing a Hadouken.
Ryu positioning for battle.
Ryu positioning for battle.
Ryu focusing his energy.
Ryu focusing his energy.
Ryu's defensive stance.
Ryu's defensive stance.
Ryu about to unleash Hadouken.
Ryu about to unleash Hadouken.
Captain America about to attack.
Captain America about to attack.
Captain America fan art.
Captain America fan art.
Captain America leading the way.
Captain America leading the way.
Capatain Amertica's teeming spirit to fight for justice.
Capatain Amertica's teeming spirit to fight for justice.
Captain America poses with the Flag of America as background.
Captain America poses with the Flag of America as background.


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    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      LOL i knew this, i play Marvel vs Capcom 2 like a mad man, and cap is too slow for Ryu, and too weak for his powerful kicks.


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