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S-Cape Is Not Always heroic.

Updated on December 30, 2009


S-cape is not always heroic!!  

In a cape that was
marked with an S,
I jumped from the landscape
of an ocean side drop,
in a super human effort
to cease to exist.

I felt that my S cape
would add a bit of flair
to my passing, but fate
was my villain that day,
and that S cape was snagged
on a large root that extended
from the side of the cliff,
where I took my
flightless plunge.

Thus there I hung
trapped by my S cape,
above the water that
would have set me free.

Suddenly the overwhelming
urge to live made me
realize that the S
on my cape stood for STUPID,
and now I was a
stationary human cliffhanger,
who might still break
loose and fall.

Luckily a couple of
lovers of life passed by
overhead, and I heard
their sweet murmurings.

I shouted with a super
human voice to help me,
and soon enough I was
plucked from the
jaws of death by
several real heroes,
in red, with
firefighter symbols
on their hooded covers.

These were all
men who took leaps of faith,
into the claws of death
everyday, for less selfish
reasons than I.

Needless to say,
I kept that red cape
and take it out whenever
I am feeling blue,
and howl with laughter
over the memory
of the site of me,
hung like dry cleaning
on a wall of mud,
after a botched leap
into eternity.



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