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Updated on May 19, 2011

The important of water can not be over emphasize as it is scientifically believe or prove that living organism can stay for ten days without food,but can not survive one day without water.Therefore,it become important to save water.

About 2/3rd of the world land mass is being covered with water, and the remaining 1/3rd is bar land as reported by C.N.N 2005.Out of the 2/3rd being covered by land mass,just 10 percent is fresh water and the remaining is sea water,the sea water or salt water is not consumable or drinkable by man and his animals or for agricultural uses and it will take a huge amount of money to process usable water safe for consumption.Therefore,Government should ,make more avenue and provision of equipments or machine,for such processes.The remaining 10 percent fresh water fit for both human and other agricultural uses is depreciating everyday due to human activities and natural disaster.The human interfere in this case include activities like:excessive wastage of water,lack of storage facilities to store the remaining water during the raining season,general illiteracy,and ignorance on the safe use of available water.

The rain duration during the raining season is also short erratic and this could be attributed global warning as reported by C.N.N. Meteorologist 2004.

Urbanization on the other hand lead us into being polluted due to lack of accurate siting of pit ,human waste and solid waste disposal system goes underground, thereby polluting the available water.Industrial waste disposal system are also very poor as most industries turn to sea or rivers as their dumping sites or ground.

Therefore,safe guarding the water is safe guarding the future,because every living things depend on water for survival.The above problems can be corrected by mass enlightenment of the people about the usefulness of water and why it should be used properly and adequately.And,also government should enhance to safe environmental law waste disposal system.

To save water,is to save the future.


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