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Updated on June 4, 2012

The Lighthouse

Shine on Me

When everything turns to turmoil

And my heart becomes so weak

And I can't feel you near me

Shine your light on me, Lord,

And let my ears hear you speak.

My soul is so heavy and my eyes fail to see

All the days you held before me

When your help I did seek.

All my days I have known you, Lord

You were never hid from me.

Shine your light on me, Lord,

Please help my eyes to see.

Give me grace for tomorrow

And strength for today to be meek.

Please help me hold your hand

And keep you in my sight,

And shine your light on me today

To help me avoid the sorrow

From knowing that I did not trust

And that my heart began to fail,

Shine your light on me, Lord,

And let my knowing prevail.

Yesterday holds my tomorrow

Where my memory does go

To the time when you did help me

And your promises to me did show,

Shine your light on me, Lord,

Please let my heart know.

Shine your light on me, Lord,

Please let your love for me show.

I've had a heavy heart of burden

And my soul has felt my mistake,

So, I need your light to shine upon me, Lord,

Please, Lord show me the light of thy way.

Let my heart feel the rejoicing

From the words I long to hear you say

"Ye are the light of the world"

Lord, let my heart, body, and soul shine for you

And be a light for someone's way.


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