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Sing Unto The Lord A New Song (Poem)

Updated on September 25, 2014

Sing unto the Lord a new song

Lift up your holy hands, and

Your voice raise,

Come before Him dressed in praise

Put on your priestly garments,

Give Him thanks and bless His name

For He is worthy of all glory,

Honor and praises are

Due Him forevermore.

Shout the victory

In triumphant jubilee,

Celebrate His presence

Extol and magnify Him,

Adore and appreciate

His loving kindness

Exalt and receive His mercy,

Praise Him on the mountaintop, and

In the valley.

Bless Him at all times

Love Him with your whole heart,

Your mind, strength and soul,

Worship Him in Spirit and in truth

Proclaim that He is King,

Declare Him Lord of Lords

He is the Lily of the Valley,

Bright and morning star

Hope for tomorrow,

Joy in all your sorrow,

Grace and strength in trials

Sing unto the Lord your own new song.


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