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SOHW- part 2

Updated on March 12, 2012

What is this?

I saw snow fall for the first time in 8 YEARS!!!!..... it was 2 in the morning...

I was compelled to write.....

I made a second part to my poem called "The Sound of Her Wings"

date Nov 23, 2010

They fall.

Eight long years it not near my side,

similar to her...

Its the moon pulling at my tide.

So graceful it does fall with chaos' birth


and simple

out of randomness space.

Pure in this time as twas once before

like opening times devilish door.

These pure of white just like her skin

Cold to the touch on their own,

but gathered close in their tome....

create the warmth of coming home.

Like her kindness and simple grace

these whip the world clean

No more sin, hate, or pain!

Its the tabla rosa making me sane.

The affect she has upon my brain.

All made pure within this night.

Its quiet sailing makes the best light.

I know she is far... oh so far

out there hiding among a star.

She has that perfect island,

and perfect tone...

while i am here all alone....

These quiet fallers

just here and me.

They are my long lost friends.

Laying all around see.

They are her and she is they...

but they are not her....

no not in any way....

Though both cold as spoken before.....

To make warmth it takes all of them....

While she makes it with a smile.....

Here I lay among the falling.

I slowly am covered up like all the world.

"No more sin, hate, or pain"

I start to close my eyes to dream of friends

out of the frame.

When I hear them.

(like a song something sings)

The sound,

The sound of her wings.

One freaky thing to note

The second I finished writing......

The snow stopped falling.....


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