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SOHW Part 3

Updated on March 12, 2012

What is this?

I have decided to Continue my "Sound of her Wings" into a very long saga story thingy...... so yeah..... hope you enjoy this section of it..... and wow this has to be the longest poem i have written.

Endless Worlds

Season change and time spins.

If a book is its own world

To what is a reading room?

Library or writers study?

Here there is a home.

A home of a million books.

One book per room per room

behind each mighty door.

(and here) I awaken upon the shore

whose sands fade into the mansions floor.

There is no sound at first,

but slowly silence is dispersed.

A door does rumble until it does burst

There is a musical flutter as if rehearsed!

"Its sound of wings!" I yelled and cursed.

But no, not her wings this was worse.

Seven sevens of butterflies flying away (at first)

but turn and surround they did til I was immersed.

Little wings carried me for days but then dispersed.

Lost after travel by their wings though many lands

I traveled alone through desert sands.

Four days of this til I found a city run on names of brands.

There king was odd and strange and gave much commands.

He tried to enslave all... but the King and I left shaking hands.

Through more rooms I walked through world's expands

til finally I rested in one of only meadowlands.

I feel asleep under a willow of leafy strands

but awoke to a woman-girl voice telling me demands.

Her voice sounded like "her's" but twas not.

She asked that I head north to meet her (and continue the plot).

I asked if she knew of my love and if she'd been caught.

She giggled and I followed her orders and left from that spot.

Blind but not deaf to her I walked, with her calling me "Scott"

until at witches of mountains was found a horse who could trot.

Faster I rode through trees of dry rot

and blood rivers that were hot.

The woman-girl claimed one day she had no name.

I asked if to her I was just some child's game.

She then appeared saying I twas her insurance claim.

This girl of no name who did appear

looked like my love from her nose to her ear.

but from her eye to her mouth it was clear...

they were mine and I cried many a tear.

As I stood the girl of no name showed no fear

she smiled and stood for what seemed like a year.

"Yes poet man I am your daughter dear."

Sitting down from the great shock.

She sat next to me upon the same rock.

From here she explained the strange house.

"All worlds are connected this is very true

and here in this house all path come to cross

for destinies path ways here are new

but as for why I am at a loss.

Here future meets present but never the past

I am to you only a maybe not something for sure

so I wanted to meet you and thought it'd be a blast.

Now with that said do you want the grand tour?"

A week of worlds later there was something I had to know...

"Dear maybe daughter I arrived here through so much snow

your maybe Mother's been lost to be thanks to a great foe..."

I stopped for a second not knowing how to phrase,

"I seek my love. Tell where she is in this maze?"

"Dear maybe father in this worlds of what if

to find her you must fight temptation fog

and climb a great cliff.

But I wish you to live never to die eaten by smog."

Wish tears in two sets of eyes and a kiss to a head

that night I was her teddy bear in a child sized bed.

The cliff was tall but I made it small,

and past the treasures of kings I did hear wings

but down among some gold i saw something I had to hold

maybe it was out of fear that this time she was so near

I reached out and took a copy of my favorite book

Now all the gold and the jade slowly did fade...

I heard someone give a yelp and cry for their fathers help.

Forever lost among great mist

Came the sound, her sound,

that mighty yet gentle sound.

eyes unable to see

frozen unable to move

a kiss of beauty happened.

And I could see

I could see the sight of her non existent wings.


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