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SOHW Part 4

Updated on February 8, 2011

What is this?

If you don't know by now this is my continuing poem saga.  For a brief summery its unnamed character is looking for his lost love to whom is like a goddess to him and many others. For and unknown reason she is gone and he is looking for her unknown how to do so. He has already been lost in a magic snow similar to her and lost within an house connecting all "what if worlds". At the end of the last poem he was lost in a mist and the odd house he was in might have been a dream.

An Interlude with a Cat

Awoke he did on a couch.

He not knowing where he was

thinking this was all there is

Just this: a small apartment

No bed, no tv or no books

Not a light, only a window.

Half a kitchen, room, and bath.

Not a soul but him and the cat.

A large smile over its face,

Eyes like someone he once knew.

Each time he blinked the cat's

fur would change from one color

to one to again another.

What was there ever before he

did not know nor did he care.

He'd sleep on the sofa couch

cat purring there under his arm.

He would never dream or could not.

Just wake up make food and talk.

Beyond the window only moon

but if he blinked the sun

it became. He would not ever

question this. He just would smile.

Days, months, or was it many years

This went on. Til one cold day

something new happened at night.

The cat stood looking at him.

"Who are you what is your name?

Did you loose your quest or aim?

For she might die or be lost

your staying here has a cost."

He sat and thought what was said

"I have no name. Am I dead?

All I know is this that's all

Outside of here I feel small."

"Look deep into my bright eyes

Your heart is big in its size.

That's all you will need to be

look down deep. Tell what you see."

He... I mean I looked and saw

I heard a sound... a nice sound.

It was her... And then I knew.

"Thank you cat, My name is Mann

I lost my muse and I ran.

She is the Angel without wings

She paints life pulling all strings."

The cat smiled and blushed.

And then I saw. The cats eyes.

They're her eyes. Those brownish cat's eyes.


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