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SOHW part 5

Updated on March 14, 2011

What is this?

This is part 5 of my ever ongoing "The Sound of her Wings" poem story series. Since I did a recap of the plot last time.... I will not do one now. But in short I was inspired to write these and am now writing them for my best friend. I know many will wonder who that is and question furuther into my reasoning for writing them but.... I am not going to explain at his time.

so there ^_^ enjoy.

The Ocean of red with blue sand.

Waking I knew now my name.

I knew how I felt but not why.

There was a crashing of water near me.

That sound....  it was powerful.

Eyes closed I closed my fists tight digging

deep into what was near them and I found

the ground giving way. It was sand

Sand between my fingers slowly falling as I closed

both hands into tight fists.

My eyes slide open to leer over my prisoners of grans

within my fingers. They drifted slowly out of my digits

as if snow.... snow....

Was that snow before real? Was I ever

in a house filled with worlds?

Is she real?

My fatigue from my past journey left me and color

reformed to my eyes. Blue...

blue sand was in my hands....

"She likes blue" I thought..... if she was real.

Darkness came to my eyes again and I listened to the waves.

I knew they were red without looking

for they were an ocean of blood....

not real blood I was sure.... but blood from the hearts of lovers

who had died going after what they desired. Blood

spilled of the soul... if there is such a thing.

Am I willing to die for her?

The snow faded away most of what my memories once held

and I know only her eyes,

the cat's eyes.

I know her appearance and beauty but do I know her?

My heart tells me her heart is kind.... but where truly is she if...

if I am to find her....

A whisper upon the wind comes over the oceans crashes.

I stand seeing a boat sloshing on the red sea

and the boat has a green sail flapping.

There is a strong whisper on this wind and I must

leave now or the boat will sail without me...

without my heart...

I know I might die.... i know many others have....

"She is far far away on her mighty shores"

my past memory speaks to me.

To risk my life and sanity for love....

a love i might never feel back from her....

a wingless angel that not be real.

I am mad.

I take leave of this blue sand...

to go...

go to a mighty shore...

following but just a sound......

The sound....


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