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Quotes To Remember

Updated on February 2, 2015


  • The entrance to a tunnel, is not the only way out.
  • Just because you are lonely, dosn't mean you are alone.
  • Your dream shows you needs, your determination makes the way, your strenght carries you along , your perseverance pushes you harder to your dream; your Faith does the work, it ACCOMPLISH YOUR DREAMS.
  • Actions are sometimes good, but thoughts are the best.
  • To love is to be broken into two, your real self, and your new found self.
  • Every great man failed more than once to get to where he is today, to be great, you have to learn to rise from your failure.
  • Tell me about life, i need to know, talk to me about what you know of me, lets see if we could walk this life together, can you understand me, read my inner most part, Read my life.
  • Let dance to the tone of life, for it makes and mar, builds and destroys, loves and hates, cherishes and chastises.
  • Everyone has to fail sometimes in life, it is there, if not now, sometime in the future. Only be persistent.
  • If you fall to the ground, don't take a nap, craw till you find a pillar to hold onto and stand again.
  • To fail does not mean you are a failure, to fail only pushes you to strive harder and higher above the highest and be the best.
  • I have come to learn that loneliness isn't a disease, it isn't a pain, but a gift, you learn a lot if you are lonely, it isn't all that bad if you know what to do, I am a victim.
  • You have a hidden you, a secret you inside of you which no one knows, no single person, not even yourself, you only realize when it is triggered by situations around you.
  • On everyone's face, there is an untold story, a story needed to be told.
  • Love i believe in, but love for me is an unconditioned prescription that is yet to be understood.
  • Call the tones and i will play the music, say the field and let the battle begin, call my heart and let my skin lay in thy aims, say the word and let my lips do the movement, PIERCE MY HEART AND LET ME BELONG TO ANOTHER.

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