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[SOLVED] How I Cure Writer's Block in 20 Minutes

Updated on August 18, 2014

TEXAS - I heard about this Wordbotic technology that is supposed to help you create 5000 words in under 20 minutes. I want to talk about it a bit because I feel it is a great tool for curing writer's block and keeping your mind from wandering while you're writing.

I was looking at the product page and I have to say I was a bit skeptical. And even now, I still have some unanswered questions. But my purpose for the tool is nowhere near its original purpose. I've basically re-purposed the tool to fit my own needs. And I don't mean gone in and hacked it. I mean just using it as-is just for a different purpose. That's all. Will make more sense as you continue reading.

Brief History of Content Generators

Content generator tools have been around for years. So these things are nothing new. Based on whatever it pulls from the internet or manually put into the tool by the developer, it outputs some content for you. The problem with these tools is that most people get the content and then just put it out there on the Internet without any sort of changing it. So a lot of times you may come across multiple websites with similar (if not exact) content, and you can tell just by looking at it what generator was used to create it. Each tool has its own signature (e.g. format, wording, structure, etc.). So when people do not change the content, it tends to bring down the value of the tool. That's why I don't bother with them in terms of trying to spit out some content for me. Do keep reading.

Using Content Generators for Research Only

I don't use content generators like most people do. I use them typically for doing the research for me, and then I'll put an article together for offline use. In other words, it saves me time having to go out and research. I particularly like the ones that not only go out and get the information from the web, but also cite a source it from which the information came. That makes it better for my writing when I have to write a paper or article, I have sources already there in one place versus having to go out and research or hire a researcher (who are expensive to hire) and have them also note down the source.

How Do You Use Content Generators

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Citing the Source is Always Ideal for Research

Content generators that cite the source are good for that (researching) -- at least in my opinion. That's how I use content generators that go out and grab information with cited sources. I think others should use the these tools for that reason as well. Unfortunately, the creators of these tools do not promote or market their content generators as researchers.

Not All Generators Pull from the Web

The Wordbotic tool, unfortunately, does not offer data researched on the Internet. So it does not go out and grab information like some of the other content generators, which results in no cited sources. Keep in mind not all generators pull information from the web. Some of them are internally based like Wordbotic.

Unique Process Before Content is Generated

The process for the Wordbotic tool is different, in that it presents a series of fill-in-the-blank statements (one per page) you need to answer with details of your chosen topic. As a matter fact, there is a video out that shows you a little bit of the process. That way I don't necessarily need to type it out. But in short, after you've gone through all the statements (and you can't skip ahead -- so helps you to stay focused on one thing at a time, which is a plus), the tool does its magic and outputs a 5000+ word document (Microsoft Word file) for you to read over and add to it or take away from it and so forth. I added the video of WordBotic below.

The Unconventional Way that I Will Use this Tool

How I'll use this tool, is basically to give me a good head start in times I have writer's block. I know I keep saying that, but this article was started because I wanted to share a way I go about curing writer's block. How you overcome it may differ, but this will do it for me -- for the time being.

Two Main Reasons I Bought WordBotic

Reason #1: To provide me a cure for writer's block whenever it happens. And we as writers know it will happen. So this is what I'll use for the cure.

Reason #2: I like that it keeps me focused by requesting I fill in the blank one page at a time. I do have a tendency to jump around. The best way to explain that is, have you ever had an application in front of you to fill out? Chances are you probably started off at the top left. Well have you ever noticed that somewhere in that process you started jumping around? Well, that's me a lot of times. With this tool you absolutely cannot jump around. So it helps to keep your mind from wandering and essentially get things done.

Last Thoughts

And so I have bought this tool to add to my writer's kit whenever I have writer's block and want to stay focused.

As stated before, often times I don't use products the way there were intended by the developers. I use them in the way that is best suited for me. And for the Wordbotic tool, I will only use it to give me a starting point; help rid me of writer's block whenever it happens. So I bought the lite version of this tool because I feel it will be sufficient for my needs.

How you choose to use Wordbotic is up to you. But this is what it will do for me.

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