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Updated on August 7, 2011

I have to tell a story and I sure don't mean to sound disrespectful to my parents, but this is worth telling. You might get a laugh out of it. It happened over 30 years ago when I was dating my girl friend who is now my wife of 33 years. I come from a large family of nine kids. My dad worked in construction and was a very hard working man...he had to be. He had a lot of mouths to feed. My parents had a very traditional marriage where my dad worked all day and my mother stayed at home and took care of the kids. Every night, just like clock work my mother would make supper for the whole bunch of us. My dad being the providing man that he was would always make sure there was enough for all of us kids before he would even sit down. That's the kind of dad he was...he had a heart as big as the Grand Canyon. That's why I think he also might get a chuckle out of this. Bless his soul. Him and my mom are both in Heaven now. Anyway, one night me and my new girlfriend were sitting in the kitchen and it was getting kind of late. My dad still wasn't home from work and we saw my mom started to get concerned.  Well low and behold, who comes stumbling through the door? Literally, he almost fell through the door. He obviously stopped with the boys and had a few too many. What's the first thing he says when he walks (ahem, stumbles) into the kitchen? "Wheres supper?" At least that's what it sounded like he said. I mean, he was smashed! He didn't have a drinking problem, but that night he had problem that he didn't expect to run into. MY MOTHER! "Supper? Supper was over six hours ago. While you were out, falling off a bar stool, we were right here waiting for you." my mom yelled.  Then my dad made one of the biggest mistakes he ever made. He started by saying I'm the man of this house. That was it, my mother grabbed him and forced him to his knees. My dad was a big man and my mother not a big woman, but that night she had enough. She forced him to his knees and opens the oven and proceeds to stick his head in it, turns the dial to 'on' and says, "supper? I'll give you supper!" While all this is happening my new girlfriend is looking for the nearest exit. She thinks maybe she made a wrong turn and ended up in the nut house. When the dust settled my dad did the smart thing...he shut up and went to bed. Don't get me wrong they had a great marriage that lasted for 57 years. It's only by a miracle that my girl friend became my wife after this, although she still laughs about it. I thank God for my parents for the great example they set for me. They normally got along great. It was just the wrong place at the wrong time for my dad that day.


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    • Lenore Robinson profile image

      Lenore Robinson 

      7 years ago from Delaware

      Good hub! Honestly, LOL! Looking forward to more :)

    • poetvix profile image


      7 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      I love this! What a tale of Americana. I can remember my own grandmother not speaking to my grandfather for days because he snuck two beers into her fridge. He was a hard worker too and not a drinker regularly. I think that is the best thing about family. We all do things perhaps we normally would not. A loving family can and will set one straight, firmly if needed, and keep right on loving you. It sounds like you had a wonderful family. God bless and thank you for sharing this.


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