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Updated on January 21, 2016

A Summoning to the Star Bourne...

Spirituality within the Starz:

Go within, go deeply within
For you too, are being 
The changez are deep,
They are thorough,
They are everlasting.

You mourn the death
Of the little one,
Of the ancient one,
Of that which you have known
Since your first Earth birth.
The sweet personality self
Whose outspoken ego
Carried you through
Countless adventurez.

For that little one
Truly fallz away
Az separate and distinct,
Az self important.
It mergez inside you
Into that conglomerate
Known az your Angelic Self.

Angel name iz merely
Star lineage name.
No individual personality.
Filled with limitless love
Yet so extremely detached.
It iz az if you aren't here,
But you are.

In your new form of
Angelic fragment of Star,
You cry for what iz gone,
Yet want it no longer.
But what shall fill the gap
Between what iz past
And what iz to come???
The most important question,
"Who am I???"

I know the many thingz
That I am not.
My freedom from them comez
Simply because I have experienced
So much for so long,
That I am everything.
I am the One; I am the Many.

Not being simply this nor that,
I am everyone, everywhere.
It iz difficult to separate
One voice, one identity,
One thing that really matterz,
From the new vastness
Which I have become.

Alas, poor small self
Sitting abandoned by the wayside,
Savoring your fading memoriez,
Yearning for attachment 
And ego'z control.
Old dreamz drifting steadily
Out of sight on distant horizon
Like last summer'z faded sunsetz.

Come inside, forgotten little one,
For there iz room for all,
I am the Many, you see,
Come and play with me.
You'll find that love aboundz
Embraced by our Angelic wingz
Enfolding us in sweetest bliss,
In love, we become the One.

Yet know not I
Whom I might be.
Where comez this authority,
This Knowingness,
This Beingness,
This sense of Wholeness???

Am I already fragment of Star,
Personality no more,
Merged into Third Dimensional body
Yet much larger still
That I can fill the sky
Just by breathing and expanding
Into all that I truly am.

For not only do I ride and glide
Upon the undulating Star wavez,
I merge into them az well.
I am the Planetz,
I am the Starz,
Radiating, Pulsating,
Worldz within worldz.

I am a Dimensional Doorway,
I am a Pillar of Light,
A beam of the Great Central Sun.
In my Wholeness, I am One.

-Solara from "The Star-Bourne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Onez"

Seek to Know Thyself in Truthfulness...

In Your Wholeness, You are One.


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    • VAMPGYRL420 profile image

      Windy Grace Mason 8 years ago from The Eastern Shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, U.S.A.

      Thank you :) I'm a deeply spiritual person, although not in a mainstream kind of way...I have a great fondness for this piece :)

    • eyeofh profile image

      eyeofh 8 years ago from New Jersey

      Reminds me of "The Middle Pillar". Nice hub.