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Step Father Poem

Updated on June 15, 2015
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Maurice Bishop, a powerful, spoken word Poet currently serving in the United States Army. Published Author & Motivational Speaker.

StepFather Poem

Many dead beats create kids and leave//

And not knowing they leave them with open wounds that still bleeds//

They give up their responsibility for their own greed instead of their child’s needs//

So I’ve realized that a father is define how much they love and not how much they breed//

Biologically it’s their seed indeed//

But what’s a father if they’re not around to even lead//

My step son who is five had a dad that sold drugs//

In and out of jail but never showed his son love//

Causing drama with his son mother; including his baby mothers//

Beating his other lovers, but posting on facebook how much he’s real brother//

No money, no job, still living with his mother//

But then he was kicked out moving to one house to another//

Going to court for child support payments and lies uncovered//

And only see his son for attention and entertainment for others//

Ever since I met my son mother I became a step father//

Never was forced to be one but I took it as a honor//

I’m a step father! A father that step up for a father that wasn’t there/

/ A son that’s not biologically mines but I’m still here//

I still care to provide, protect, and give him wisdom to share//

And how to walk in confidence and not be bound by fear//

How to listen to authorities with his own 2 ears//

And how to be nice and get along with his peers//

It’s been two years that he seen how a man treats a lady//

And I pray that when he’s older he can say to himself that he had a great father that practically raised me//

I took my son out the hood to a better environment//

Better school, better neighborhood and no shots firing//

Discipline him to be a civilized citizen and not a criminal being captured imprisonment//

Yes I’m hard on him because my mind is militant, but I rather be hard on him than the real world whipping him//

I don’t claim to be a perfect picture of a father figure//

Just a man that was guided by reading the scriptures//

I studied it every day and started seeing the bigger picture//

Like watching every position on a chessboard and started making great moves like Bobby Fischer//

Being a father ain’t a easy task, but it’s takes love and patience//

You’ll be in amazement that the morals you teach, your child will become an imitation//


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