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Stolen Chapter Three

Updated on February 15, 2015

It's been three months and I have been working ever since. And let me tell you that even though I loved what I was doing. It was still hard and tiring. But at least I could say that I was something now. And I was never going to be nothing ever again. And Luke kept to his promise. He kept up the boyfriend role. And it was actually quite convincing. And I know that he was secretly loving it.

And I couldn't believe how quickly I became famous. Because a month into becoming a model, I was already in the papers.

Model Trenesme Masur dating Hollywood's most famous actors, Pruenella and Viktor's son Luke Belinsky.

Of course when Luke's parents saw it, they rang us up instantly asking if it was true. So we told them what was really going on. And they were actually disappointed that it wasn't true. But they congratulated me anyway.

Today I had been working since ten this morning and it was close to ten at night when I finished. So I was so tired, well that was only slightly how I felt. I was exhausted and I was glad that I had tomorrow off. I was looking forward to it. Because I planned on sleeping in till ten in the morning, but staying in bed for the whole day.

I reached the hotel about ten-thirty. And I saw the doors of the elevator open, so I ran to catch it. And I made it, only to crash into someone hard and fell on my ass.


I cursed out loud because I thought whoever I crashed into, would have at least tried to help so I wouldn't fall on my ass. And because it hurt. A lot.

'I'm sorry,' I heard him say, and I could tell that he had a Russian accent.

I saw that he offered his hand but I refused to take it. And I jumped up and turned away from him.

'What floor?' He asked after a few seconds.

His voice my stomach flip with butterflies. But because I was so tired and pissed off, my anger took over.

'Excuse me,' I turned and snapped.

'You haven't pressed the button.'

'I might want to just ride the lift.'

'Fair enough.'

Wait a minute. I thought. Because this clearly wasn't happening. Because I knew I wasn't dreaming because I could feel how tired I was. And you couldn't feel like this if it was just a dream.

So I knew not to look at him because if this was really happening I would already know what he looks like. So I took a deep breath in and counted to ten, before I turned to him. Looking at his lips.

'I'm sorry, I was being a bitch. It's just been a long day.'

'It's ok.'

'To answer your question, my floor has been pressed.'

'So you're not just riding the lift?'

'No. Maybe if it was five hours earlier. And if I wasn't so tired.'

'My name is Dimitri.'


How could this be happening. I thought.

Because as soon as we touched hands and I felt that feeling, I knew my dream has finally came true. Which I didn't expect it to. Because dreams don't come true. I was sure of it. And now I couldn't help but feel shy. But at the same time I wanted to kiss him. But I didn't want him to think that I was some freak.

I slowly let go of his hand and turned to face the front of the elevator. Two minutes later to doors finally opened and I stepped out first. But because he was so much taller than me, he was walking beside me with the third step that I took. So I couldn't help but glance at him every few seconds. And I was wondering what room was he going to stop at. But he kept up with me all the way to the end of the hallway.

Then I came to my room so I turned to the right and I found that he turned to the left. But for some reason, we both just stood there. And just as I opened my door about a minute later, I heard him speak.

'It was nice meeting you Trenesme. I may see you around sometime.'

He didn't wait for me to reply back. So I quickly walked in and for a minute I rested on the door. Because I couldn't stop my heart from beating so fast. And I swear, it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest and run away. But when I could get a hold of my heart, I walked into the bathroom and made a bath. Because even though I was so tired, there was no way I could sleep knowing that the guy that I was dreaming about happens to be true and living in the room across from me.


The next morning I woke up at eight. I was still tired but I was functionable. So after my shower I walked down to the restaurant by myself because Luke was nowhere in sight. Which I thought was a little strange because we always had breakfast together. It was something that we did. But I was going to have a little talk with him next time I saw him. And I was going to make him pay.

Asshole, I thought.

I was actually pissed off about it. And because I was having an argument in my head how I was going to make Luke pay, I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into someone. And it was quite hard I might add. Though this time I didn't fall on my ass. Someone had wrapped their arms around me so I wouldn't fall.

I had a fair idea of who it was. Because I could feel the same feeling as last night. And no it wasn't Luke. So when I looked up I was confirmed that it was who I thought it was.


I quickly stepped back and he dropped his arms. And though I wanted to kiss those beautiful lips, I was too mad. I then turned around and started walking away. But Dimitri was beside me instantly.

'What? No thank you.'

'You should stop being in my way.'

'Gee are you always this... cranky.'

'Why don't you say it?’ I spun around to him. ‘Say I'm being a bitch.'

He didn't say anything. And I realized that I was being a bitch and unfair to him. And I thought maybe I should stop it, because he may have enough and never want to see me again. But I didn't say anything until I got to the restaurant.

'Look I'm sorry. And thank you for not letting me fall on my ass again.'

'Can I ask, what's bothering you?'

'I can't find Luke the asshole.' He flinched when I swore.

'Oh,' he frowned. 'What does he look like and I can tell him that you are looking for him.'

'First of, he is my best friend. That's all. And if you see a goofy looking guy with chocolate brown hair, that would probably be him.'

'Ok... Do you want to get a coffee?'

'I can't. I'm already late. Maybe another time.'


We walked into the restaurant and as soon as I asked for my muffin, I quickly left. I didn't actually have anything to be late for. But as soon as he asked me I freaked out and quickly made the excuse that I was late. So now I had to leave and make it look like I was doing something.

So I jumped into my car. Yes I finally had a car. I brought it with my very own and first paycheck. It was a two door dark silver Volvo hatchback. And I loved it. And because I had nothing to do, I decided to go to the beach and relax on the sand. And maybe try finishing my book that I neglected.

The beach was only ten minutes away. So when I arrived I was happy to see that no one was here. It was actually a cold day, so that would explain why people chose to do something else today. So I picked the perfect time to come here. I grabbed my bag and a towel from the boot of my car and made my way to the spot next to a large rock. It was my favourite place here at the beach. And I claimed it for myself.

But before I did anything, I pulled out my phone and messaged Luke.

You you better have a good explanation for missing breakfast. And because of that, I had to make an excuse that I was busy because someone asked me to coffee.

I placed my phone on the towel and pulled out my tablet and opened up evernote. It was my writing app. And I just had time to open up my last chapter before my phone went off.

It was Luke.

Jillibean of course I do. But I can't tell you. It's a surprise... So what did this guy look like?

Are you free now? I'm at the beach.

B about fifteen minutes.

I didn't message him back. But I decided that I was going to start a different book. And it was going to be about my life. And that was going to be from the start. Which included my life at the adoptive house. And also about my dream and how he was actually quite real. But of course, I was going to make out that it was just a story and nothing else. Because now that I was famous and people knew me, I did not want them to know about my past.

Because I knew what I was writing, when fifteen minutes flew by I already typed two chapters. And I was just about to start the third chapter when Luke arrived, and sitting beside me.

'So spill.' Always impatient when it came to good news.

'Um... Well this is going to be hard to believe. And you might think I'm crazy.'

'I already know that you are.' He bumped his shoulder into mine.

'I'm serious'

'Ok. I'm sorry.'

'Do you remember the dream I told you so many months ago.'

'The one that made you think that you couldn't be with anyone else because of the guy in the elevator. And the same dream that you have bugged me since the first time you had it.'


'What has that got to do with coffee guy?'

'Well it's him.'

'How can it be? I mean he was just a dream.'

'That's what I thought. But last night I bumped into him, the same as the dream. And his name is the same as the dream. And that strange electric felling is the same as the dream.'

'So why did you say no?'

He asked like it was a stupid question.

'Because I freaked out.'

'Well next time, say yes.'

'I didn't tell you. He also is staying across from us.'

I had a feeling that maybe I shouldn't have told him that bit.

'So does this mean you're dumping me?' He looked up at me with puppy dog eyes.

I knew he was joking. Because we weren't actually a couple but Luke was my boyfriend to the media so I wouldn't get harassed by other celebrities. Though I only first said it so the guy who signed me to his modelling company wouldn't think that I would do sexual favours.

'Not just yet. You goof.'

We laughed then. And it actually felt good. Because it was natural and wasn't made up.

We stayed at the beach for another hour and decided that we would get something to eat. We chose MacDonald’s. Which we only had like once a month. But we stayed there for an hour talking about what has been happening in the last week. And I told Luke that I was thinking about having a couple of weeks off. It was something that I think I needed to do. And he agreed.

We walked in the hotel with Luke's arm around me. And I saw that Dimitri was walking out of the restaurant. It made me stop for like a second. But I quickly kept walking.

'What's wrong?'

'That's him.'

'Go ask him for that coffee.'

'No. I can't.'

'Why not?'

'Because I've been a bitch to him too many times.'

We stepped into the elevator and just as the doors closed, Dimitri stepped in.

'I'll punch you. ‘I told Luke.

Because I knew Luke. And I knew he was going to say something to Dimitri. So that was why I threatened to punch him. And when I said that I would punch Luke, I saw Dimitri smile. It was only for a second, but I saw it.


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