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Updated on February 15, 2015

The next morning I received an abusive text from my adoptive father. He was threatening me to come home or he'll go to the police and say that I had run away after trashing their house. And I suddenly wasn't scared. It was like I had this new found strength and I told my father to go to hell. I also threatened him by saying if he went to the police, then I would to and dob him in for making me have sex with him. And that I had Luke to back me up, that I didn't trash the house. My adoptive father backed off then. But not before he told me that I was nothing. And I deserved nothing.

And even though I had this new found strength, his words still hurt me. Because I knew they were true. I was nothing because I had nothing. And that brought me down into a little depression. And because Luke was with me, I had to finally tell him what my father was doing to me. And at first Luke was hurt and upset that I didn't tell him when it began three years ago. So I snapped at him, which brought him to apologize. But I apologized too.

After I cried on Luke's shoulder and begged him not to kill my adoptive father, Luke talked me into going to the police to get a restraining ordered put on them. I was definitely scared now, but I knew I had to do it.

That was two weeks ago and I haven't heard from them since. And straight after being to the police station Luke asked his parents if they could get me a passport and help me to change my name. And because they loved my like their own they agreed to help me. So I changed my name to Trenesme Masur. I had always loved that name and dreamt of changing it to that one day. And thanks to Luke's parents I was able to do it.

My name was Trenesme Masur and I was nineteen. So with the name change and my age was different, I also changed my hair. I was a completely different person now with a different name and different hair. My hair was now a dark chocolate brown, almost black, instead of the reddy brown hair that I was born with.

I kept my eyes. Because even though they looked haunted. I always liked my emerald green eyes. I thought having green eyes were cool. And also because I couldn't keep putting in contacts every day. Because surely they would ruin your eyes.

Luke's parents even allowed us to Los Angeles. Luke requested it. And they allowed us to go because they said that because we were mature enough that they trusted us. And I couldn't be any more happier to leave this country. I was ready to start a new life and leave this one behind.

So right now Luke and I were on the plane. We had another hour before we landed. So while Luke was asleep, I pulled out my book and read. I just couldn't wait to get off the plane and find my hotel and sleep. Because I had almost been awake for Twenty-four hours. I just couldn't sleep on the plane. And it wasn't because I was nervous being that this was the first time being on a plane. I just couldn't sleep. It was that simple. But Luke, he has been on planes most of his life so he was used to sleeping on them.

Lucky bastard, I thought.

We checked in to our room at one in the morning. And our room had two single beds. And I claimed the one near the window. So Luke had no choice but to take the one near the door. And I couldn't handle it anymore, I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep instantly.

And began to dream.

It was ten-thirty at night and I was just walking into the hotel entrance. And I was extremely tired. I was exhausted. And all I was thinking about was going to bed. I needed sleep badly. So when I saw the doors of the elevator open, I began to run.

I made it. Though I crashed into someone, which made me fall on my ass. I cursed out loud because I thought at least whoever it was could've helped me from not crashing on my ass.

'I'm sorry,' I heard a someone with a Russian accent. I swore I could hear amusement in his voice.

I saw a hand reach down. But I refused to take it. And when I stood up I turned away from him.

'What floor?' He asked.

As soon as I heard his voice, I don't know. It was weird. Because I felt all giddy inside. But because I was too pissed off and tired, my anger took over.

'Excuse me,' I turned to him and snapped.

'You didn't press what level your on.'

'I might want to just ride the lift.'

'Fair enough.' This guy with the amazing accent said.

I couldn't believe that I was being a bitch. So I took a deep breath in and count to ten. I was slightly relaxed now. So I turned to him. It was the first time I actually looked at him, and I think it may have been a mistake. Because he was gorgeous. As in breathtakingly gorgeous. He had slightly tanned skin, and was quite musclily. His mouth was amazingly think and full. This guy had dark chocolate brown hair that was just about his shoulders. I left his eyes for last, which that's where it became a mistake. Because as soon as my eyes touched his, it was like I couldn't look away. My eyes were stuck. He had the most beautiful dark brown eyes.

I had to force myself to blink so I could look somewhere else. I cleared my throat before I could speak.

'I'm sorry, I was being a bitch. It's just been a long day.'

'It's ok.'

'And to answer your question, my floor has been pressed.'

'So you’re not just riding the lift?'

'No. Maybe if it was five hours earlier. And I'm not so tired.'

'My name is Dimitri.' He held out his hand

'Trenesme.' I took his hand.

And as soon as our skin touched, I felt a little warm electric tingle in the palm of my hand. I looked up to see if he felt it to, but if he did he wasn't showing it.

'Jillibean,' Luke shook me out of the dream I was enjoying.

I was now upset and pissed off. Because it wasn't the first time I had that dream. I had that dream just about every night. And I've had it for the last three weeks. And that day when Luke and I went to dream world, I said something about soul mates. And I said that I wasn't sure if I believed in them. Well I still wasn't sure, but I was somehow in love with this dream guy named Dimitri.

I know I must sound crazy. And maybe I finally had gone crazy. But I couldn't help how I felt.

'Luke what is it?' I snapped.

'It's twelve o'clock in the afternoon.'

I was surprised that I had slept for so long. I expected to wake up around eight, maybe nine. But not twelve.

So I threw my blankets off me and ran into the shower. I wanted to make an effort to find a job. And that meant I needed to start today. So I quickly scrubbed my hair and jumped out five minutes later. I dressed in a red dress. I chose that one because it was formal. And if I wanted to be hired, well I at least needed to make a good impression.

'Where are you going?' Luke asked when he saw me all dressed up.

'I'm going out to get a job.'

'You know you don't need to do that. My parents consider you family and have given you money too.'

'I know. And I will use it when I need to. But I still need to find a job.'

'Do you want me to come with you?'

'No. I'm fine. See you later.'

I walked out ringing a cab on the way down to the bottom of the hotel.

I don't know how many places I walked in and asked for a job and every single one of those places said they weren't hiring. But by the fourth hour I began to lose hope. And I was thinking about giving up. I couldn't believe that every single place wasn't hiring. And that made me wonder was there something wrong with me. Because surely if there wasn't anything wrong with me, I would've at least had one or two that said they were looking for someone.

So thinking about that, I decided that I was going to go back to the hotel. I was feeling so down that I thought to myself, why do I even bother. And my adoptive father's words came crashing through my head. He said I was nothing.

'Excuse me miss,' I heard someone say from behind me. I thought it wasn't for me so I kept walking. 'Miss in the red dress.' He called again. So I turned around.


'I heard you were looking for a job.' He said when he stepped up to me.

'Yes I was.'

'Well I would like to offer you a modelling contract.'

'Did someone put you up to this so they can have a laugh?' I asked because I just couldn't believe it.

'It's true. Here is my card. Can we sit down and talk about it?' He suggested to the cafe a few meters away.


I agreed because I was dying for a coffee. A caramel latte to be exact.

And this strange guy didn't say anything until we both received our coffees.

'Ok I was looking for someone. And I have watched you for about an hour and the way you walk and hold yourself, I believe that you are a true model.'

'If I say yes. I have a few... demands if you would call them that.'


'First I don't do sexual favours. I have a boyfriend. Secondly, I don't work Saturdays. And I don't start until after nine in the morning.'

'Ok. They seem reasonable. When can you start?'

'Well I only got here very early this morning. Like one in the morning. So say Monday.'

'Deal. If it's alright, I'll bring the contract around to your house tomorrow.'

I agreed and told him the name of the hotel and don't be surprised if a guy answers the door, because I lived with my boyfriend.

Then I quickly finished my latte and called a cab. I was home half an hour later. So it was almost six, so I told Luke to meet in the restaurant for dinner because I had good news. And as expected, Luke was down in five minutes. And he couldn't wait for me to sit down. He wanted to know straight away. So I told him everything, including him being my boyfriend. And as expected, Luke was just as surprised as I was. But told me he could see why I was chosen. And he said I was beautiful. He also took the boyfriend thing better than I thought. And he said that he would help me out anyway he could.

And Luke being Luke ordered a bottle of the most expensive red wine.


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