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Updated on March 18, 2012
A storage room for thoughts
A storage room for thoughts

This is where I store the thoughts that I've not yet use in articles,.

We listen with our minds and hear with our ears because if this wasn’t true when we’re in deep thought whatever was said to us would have been heard and understood. Therefore, the mind interprets what we hear only when listened to what was said.

When the loads are that heavy only minuscule steps can prevent them from falling- because since bigger steps would have caused us to trip over our obstacles, we should balance our loads by taking smaller steps towards our challenges.

If we sorely depends on our environment to educate us then it means that we are as conscious as the people in our environment. And since consciousness shapes our values, if we don't broaden our horizons our values will be kept in a self retaining container. In that respect, if this container is not ship abroad we won’t ever know how it would be like to be different. For that reason alone, any one whose values differ form us is looked upon as being an alien.

It’s only when a man is faced with temptation can you truly know his faith. We can all sit here on facebook and criticize leaders of the world, but until we held the same position, we cannot say with the most certainty that our decisions would be any different.

It is only through a tight road that one’s catch a connive horse. This is why a suspected criminal is often given less option in society. Since more options would have allowed him to pick and choose which roads are best for him, less option limit his choices, making his decisions more predictable. Unfortunately, in this society the same tactic is used on those of us who are not criminals for the benefit of interest groups.

The rules of secrecy allows easy access to power and control. It warrant members of the secret society to be obedient to the mystical laws that governs their oath. Although some members don’t fully comprehend the reason behind the laws, they’ll embrace them just to be part of the club. Secrecy has never been held by anyone who couldn't fully execute the laws. It is always the members that have the highest ability to access reason that are the secrecy holders, the other followers are simply the tombstones that keep the secrete from being completely buried.

Since Intuition allows one to acquire knowledge without sufficient reason, we can say it’s a supernatural gift, but when it is combine with reason, it can help transcends those intuitive knowledge into practical form. By this I mean the intuition dictates the person’s course of actions, but it doesn’t guide his or her comprehension of the facts.

Ignorance is bliss only if it leads to total happiness, but when it causes one’s life to blister, knowledge becomes a hopeful thing. They say what you don’t know is bigger than you, which is true - because if all knowledge were known they would be no need for us to communicate.

We should remember that besides every tree there are trees. Consequently, any tree that is left alone has been left to die. And if a tree still manage to flourished without being nourished, that tree therefore is nurtured by a power superior or equal to that of the sun.

The family tree of trees is not the only tree that provides guidance to other like trees. We are a community of trees, so when we waved our branches, we are communicating with other like trees that share the same windy environment as us. And the message we’re sending is for other trees to continue avoid the lightning flashes of despise, until their boughs are able to move gently with the winds of time.

If location determine the fate of a business, than a good business model is the supporting truth of that fate.

Falling in love is like bungee jumping, if the cord that ties the love together is not strong enough to keep the relationship intact, the couple will sustain substantial bruises while decelerating out of love.

Truth is like the reflection of the sun, because when it is spoken it illuminates our minds. It is neither subjective, objective nor relative to anything, but it is reactive, considering that the sun rise and fall, it affects us all like the truth enlighten our minds.

A promise starts off like an inflated balloon, the bigger the balloon the higher the expectation of the promise becomes. However, if for some reason the balloon burst while being inflated, the promise is said to have caused a disappointment. We live in a world that is being inflated with undelivered promises, and it is because of these promises that the effect of our planet has become so apparent.

While taking mental footsteps into the penthouse of our minds, at times we will miss some steps. We'll be discouraged by cloudy minds to be lifted by farsighted ones. We should remember that our surroundings are not always rounded; therefore, we should be left guided by our third eye the subconscious mind.

They say “when you live in glass houses you don’t throw stones” because if you do you might risk the chance of ruin your own glass. In this metaphor the glass house represent wealth, and those who are wealthy shouldn’t throw stones at those who are less fortunate. Since by throwing stones they’re taking advantage of those who are physically or intellectually inferior to them. To do that without any regard of their livelihood, in the future can cause the fortunate ones to experience the same miss fortune. In another word "don't do to others what you wouldn't want to have done to you".

It is only when we choose not to participate that the reverse of progress is possible. Yes! Today is not the end of our journey, but it is the day that we have finally stirred our boats passed these mountainous waves of filibusters to prevent health care reform from sinking. Tomorrow we must continue fighting for more, because to keep our health care cost floating across the sea, we’ll have to prolong our sails.

Although some can argue that exploitation is not the reason why the rich continue getting richer, one thing that is indisputable is that exploitation is the byproduct of capitalism. Which mean there would be no reason for corporations to exploit workers if the capitalist system didn’t provide a need for them to engage in such behavior. It is the advantage to compete for investors that has necessitate the possibility to exploit workers.

Twenty two out of every ten thousand people in America are homeless and it is not because they’re all unskilled. Some spoke out for better wages; some protest for injustice, some are jailed just so that the future of our children can be just a little brighter. And yet some of us seems to think that thy're worthless. What different does it make if we fight for injustice now or later, either way we’ll still be one check away from homelessness.

As FDR stated “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ”Therefore, it is the accumulation of societal fear that is feeding our circumstances. If one man is punished for protesting his right, and there is a possibility it can lead to many others being harassed, if we as a people are afraid to act, this fear will eventually overtake our basic right. For most of us the biggest fear of all is the fear of losing our jobs and if we were ever able to conquer that fear as a whole, we would at last remove fear out of change.

  1. I am the shadow of your success; it is through your achievements that I can foresee the opportunities that the future has to offer.
  2. Common sense and logic have no ownership; it belongs only to those who wish to exploit them. It doesn’t matter the level of your education, no men is too small enough to correct us. It is our ability to admit when we're wrong that can prove that we’re bigger than that, falsifying it will prove nothing but pure ignorance.

  3. Just because the shoe doesn’t fit, it doesn’t mean it’s not good for someone else. We know that a shoe fit when we've walked in it. Likewise, don’t go talking about people’s lives without knowing what they've gone through, because what is good for you may not be for someone else. So in that sense, if the shoe doesn’t fit don’t force it, because no matter how hard we try, our foot will always slip out from that tight hole.

  4. Haitian proverb: Rotten teeth are the strongest only when eating bananas. This can be used as a metaphor to describe a weaker being whipping or taking advantage of a lesser one.

  5. Those who have a one dimensional view of life can only see the surface of things. They believe that the apple that is beneath the apple tree must have dropped from the tree, and the slight possibility of someone laying it there is never in their minds.

  6. I think of my mind as an erectile of thoughts looking to penetrate every illogical concept that seek to invade my ideas. So with my erectile of thoughts, I poke every idea one by one to see if they can be applied.

  7. I think of my mind as an elevated thought looking to analyze every illogical concept that seek to invade my ideas. So with my elevated thought, I tackle every idea one by one to see if they can be applied. - does this sound better -

  8. Reality is what we do to better our relationship with each other so that we leave behind a better world for our children. Unfortunately, the future can only become brighter if it’s not overshadowed by our conflicting past, we must learn to let go of our anger for the benefit of peace.

All human beings are faceless, until they allow their internal face to shine forth outwardly. The internal face in this concept represents the person’s values, and thought process. Until a person has willingly relay these attributes, the person will forever remain faceless. And being that values are thought, the way in which we process information will of course reflect those values.

We are all addicts. The only exception here is that some addiction affects the mind and body worst than another. This by itself is not a nouveau discovery. However, our imperfection is the cause of our addiction. And since we are all imperfect it makes us all addicts. Nevertheless, in order for this addiction to have purpose, it must be influenced with the values that we have adopted in our lives. In essence, what our addictions is doing is keeping our minds distracted so that it’s not overcome by our imperfections. This is why when we finally managed to quit one addiction we quickly adapt ourselves with another.

People sometimes ask me what kind of girls do I like. I say to them that I like a girl who's a lady in public, one that respect everyone, but she’s a hell of freak in bed. The aggressive type, the kind that would throw me on the bed, sit on my face while having her friend chock me. Have you ever had a piece of food stuck in your throat while eating – how unpleasant is that hum - this was only a joke - I'm a gentleman

One thing that us men never seem to want to ask about is how did the penis got his name dick? After looking at the anatomy, I realized that it is because he lives right next door between two nuts and an asshole -- have some humor.

The subordination of fear does not come with string attached. It is achieved by lessening material good for the satisfaction of public good.

Since change never comes easy, for that it is highly encourage that we add wind to the fire when the going gets tuff. But if we the people are the wind and those who oppresses us are the fire, any lacking in wind power would have caused the blaze to engulf the world, since the wind magnitude would not have been strong enough to catch the blaze on time.

The paradox of life is not that it’s a bitch, but rather because the planet is not viewed as an integral part of humanity.

  1. Remember that success equals happiness therefore, it does not matter how much friends we have or how big is our bank account, if we’re not happy - we haven't succeed.

  2. What do I mean by that – John and I have known each other for so long that he has become my left nut? Please be aware that this is not a perverted thought – this is literature and we should treat it as such. Now, having said that, what do I mean by he has become my left nut? Why not my right nut – is there any particular reason why It is the left nut as oppose to the right nut? Those of us on hubpages who loves literature - can you help me here- read on I'll get back to this.

One question my mother said that no man should ever ask a grown woman. How many guys have you had sex with? If there is no definite answer to a question than there is no need for us to ask it, because even if the answer to this question was an honest one, we would always have doubt. She said since the vagina wall doesn’t come with a meter, how could there ever be an answer to this question.

If corruption is a transaction that occurs under the table, for Haiti it happens in plain sight, right over the table. The challenge then is how can we reduce corruption In Haiti so that the country moves forward. Although corporate interest is a good encouragement for an under developed country like Haiti, it can also be an obstacle if our resources are not properly manage.

  1. Health is the accumulation of nutrients that brings about support for all vital organs - therefore, if we’re not eating nutritious food, our organs are not properly supported. Good nutrients in the body help maintain proper oxidation between oxygen molecules and any other substances they come across. But all of that is worthless if we’re not exercising.

  2. Thinking is the quest to know what’s here about; it is our own assessment our own interpretation of life. Although our thoughts may be limited by true knowledge, through thinking it is possible that we can explore new dimensions, and thereby surpass this limitation.

  3. A father who takes pride in fatherhood must be one who has demonstrated the ability to raise a child. This father is not one who just gives money for the satisfaction of that pride, but rather one who cherish those significant moments with his child. To those fathers, I say happy father’s day.

  4. Mothers are like trees, depending on the soil that nourished their branches dictates the livelihood of their leaves. Mothers are like trees, because a mother gives birth like the tree produces leaves.The soil that nourished their branches is synonymous to the mother’s financial outcome and the society the child is brought up under. The livelihood of their leaves is synonymous to the child upbringing.

Here is the definition for "left nut" those of you who thought this was a perverted thought will now know that it was not.

Left nut is a term that is used in the Haitian culture to describe a close friend. The term is mostly used by men since only men have testicles (I'm not too sure nowadays). The reason why it is the left nut that is considered as oppose to the right nut, is because the “left nut” is the most sensitive. Which mean that the person you considered to be your “left nut” must be a friend that you care deeply about? As you can see, it is the sensitivity of the friendship that has caused one friend to refer to another as his "left nut". No joke aside, this is a piece of literature that deserve to be on Webster's definitions.

Whereas competition promotes creativity, it can also discourage good ideas from being part of the norm. If an idea does not project the most return on investment no matter how it would enhance our lives it is viewed in this society as a bad idea. Consequently, the further projections of our lives lie on which idea will consume the most capital. Whether or not this idea will come with suffering for some is not the concern of the inventor or the investor, it is only interest that matter from that point.

Being knowledgeable among ignorance will not gain us any prize, we must educate a few so that we have partisanship. We live in a world where some people are educationally ignorance, and because of that they are control by a few power hungry leaders who sees only their interest.

Democracy is the process by which governmental power is politicized by citizens under a free electoral system. But can the electoral system be so free that it causes the citizen’s choice to lead them into a plain field of nowhere. Since in some countries presidents are elected by the people, in Haiti's case this country function under a true democratic system. However, a true democracy often pushes its leaders to plan for a lifelong presidency. And as a consequence, deals are made against public interest to assure these leaders of their power.

The reason why we should all adopt to the concept of knowing enough to know that we don’t know is because by accepting it as truth will prevent us from making a fool out of ourselves. The problem however is that not all of us know enough to know that we don’t know, and because of it our ignorance becomes so dark that it prevents light from piercing through our minds. This is why those who have achieved their PHDs in a particular subject are still humble about it, because then they have learned enough about that subject to know that there is still more left to be known. To summarize this thought we can say that knowledge is limitless and that the only thing that is limited in knowledge is our inability to access it.

We are all prejudice, and we have demonstrated it by applying our codes of pre-existing conditions against those we know nothing about. We do this because we want to be around people who share some commonalities with us. So in that respect others who are different are viewed as outsiders when in fact it is their differences that have made society complete. Just like we have different birds in nature, each performing a different function in their environment, the human species is the same. Since we could not have lived in a world where all of us shared everything in common than it is obvious that our preexisting conditions are only there to satisfy our comfort level. Pre-existing conditions from this perception refer to our stereotypes of other groups of people.

You can't catch a bird alive by throwing rocks at it each time the bird eats our corns; you must let the bird roaming free so that you familiarize yourself with its moves. Likewise, an experience criminal is often not captured after multiple offenses. But one day as he continue roaming free without any regard of being monitored, he can easily be caught with his pans half-staff. The meaning half-staff is not to be taken literally, it represent someone getting caught with liable evidence - True Crime.

When we’re part of the ocean current we always know in which direction the wind is blowing, For that reason alone, we are not surprise as to where an iceberg may appear. In this case, our destination is never clear, but at least through constant rotation of the wind, we can learn how to avoid a destructive interference of waves.

You have no enemies until you decide to be your own bread bearer. In this world of competition they say "only the strong survive", but when you look around you noticed that it is not all true because among the strong there are many weaknesses that are piggy backing the strong. This makes one wonder if this excess weight that the strong are wearing will ever be too heavy for them to continue carry.

The truth can always be over powered by discrediting the source, but if the reasoning behind the truth is logical enough, it could bring light to even the most illiterate. We should not feel obstructed to inform others, for it is with courage that we accomplish our goals, without it our goals are aimless. However, when our goals are not back by money, our accomplishment becomes invisible to the common mind - by inform I mean education wise.

The need to justify our actions will always be overshadowed by our wish to gain profit even when what is just can be achieve without us longing for profit. For example, the need to sale drinking water that is provided to us by nature or any form of natural activity that has become privatize is the result of the capitalist system. These are the result of the capitalist system because under such system even the air we breath can at some point becomes privatized.

Why do we cater to the title of the person when it is the least significant. Why does a man need to say that he has 30 years experience before demonstrating his 30 years knowledge? If wisdom could be gain through aging than we would have had a much better world, but since wisdom is a matter of life experiences, although they may be many well aging folk out there with secretive wisdom, age by itself does not contribute to wisdom. After giving it enough thought, I have realized that the entry to wisdom is reason.

Good luck on your journey
Good luck on your journey

The King of Pop -That's what I'd like to hear - not too many people are saying that. They need to make it known, regardless of what the media may have made him seems like - He is still the King Of Pop and he will remain so indefinitely.

When someone dies, the day, time and position of the sun are all significant informations. This information tells something about the person who has departed this earth. Those who are knowledgeable enough to understand the meaning of this information can tell a great deal about the person's spirit.

If we accept the idea that humans are born with a purpose in life than they must be some imaginary force dedicating and recording every step of that purpose. And that imaginary force is what I've described as the spiritual force.

The closest argument which I have for trying to explain spirit logically, is that it relates closely to the law of thermodynamics. Which states, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed - It can only be transfer from one form to the next." Likewise, spirit is an energy which exists in the air - it can neither be created nor destroy, it can only be transfer, but it does not take a different form.

The truth has always relied on prior knowledge; maybe it is that prior knowledge about spirit that is missing which has prevented us from understanding it.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I try to eat organic weenevhr I can but sometimes it's hard to find organic chicken and beef. I have been able to find pasture raised antibiotic free beef which I try to buy. Fruit can be difficult too except for apples but then they are grainy or have bad spots, at least the grocery store apples. We don't have much of a selection in the fruit department. I have been able to grow my own veggies this summer totally organic. The rest of the fruits and veggies I try to buy at local farmer's markets. Sometimes all you can do is the best you can do.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I find this piece very interesting to read. Thank you for sharing.

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      9 years ago from New York, New York

      "I am the shadow of your success; it is through your achievements that I can foresee the potential opportunities that the future has to offer." I removed potential from that thought because I have relized that opportunities are potentials so there is no need to say "potential opportunities"

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      9 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! John

      You saw some intriguing ideas in storage for thought - I'm not sure what you mean John - you know i'm kind of slow sometime hum - If you want me to understand just be to the point with me. I don't care if you correct my spelling, grammar - what ever it maybe just be straight forward with me -

    • John W. Watson profile image

      John W. Watson 

      9 years ago

      I saw some Intriguing ideas in storage for thought, Coolbreeze. Thank you. And I'm sure you were in a rush, so don't take it to personal, but next time you publish, edit, first.


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