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Updated on August 9, 2011

Learning To Trust

Sumee' was the newest member of the Clarkson family. He was brown all over with dark ears and feet, typical hamster. Tommy was very excited when his dad brought Sumee' home about a year ago, on his eighth birthday. Tipster, the family cat, didn't like it from the beginning. To a cat a hamster is nothing more than an oversize mouse.

For a whole year everything Tipster tried, to separate Tommy from Sumee', failed. But he wasn't about to give up, ... yet. One warm sunny day Tipster noticed the door on Sumee's cage was open. "Whoever said cats were clean need to get their nose examined. I can smell this cat a mile away. What is this cat up to now", Sumee' thought to himself. Five .... ten .... fifteen minutes passed and Sumee' still did not leave his cage. Instead, he began to exercise harder than ever before, as though he was getting ready for the Olympics. Exercising has it's benefits, not only will it keep you in tip top shape, but it keeps your mind occupied as well. Staying focused on sit-ups, leg lifts, push ups and, squats was a major lesson in patience. Twenty minutes later, and an exhausted hamster, Sumee' barely even glanced (nine times) at the open door. Wheeling around with arms raised and fists clenched Sumee' stood like a champion acknowledging victory. While spinning around thanking his imaginary crowd his eyes fell upon 'Tipster', who was sitting at the cage door,....watching. Looking as though he got caught with his hand in the (proverbial) cookie jar. Sumee' began babbling, " I know it was you who opened my door; you thought curiosity would lure me out, but you were wrong, I'm smarter than that, Curiosity killed the 'Cat', not the 'Hamster'," shouted Sumee'. All the while flashing that big, broad smile of his. "Now what! Now what!", chimed Sumee' tauntingly.

"Well", said Tipster, measuring his words carefully. "Did you forget today is your birthday"? asked Tipster. "My birthday", said Sumee', trying to hide his surprise. "Of course not, how could I forget my own birthday"! said Sumee', looking around sheepishly. "That's good", said Tipster, " because everyone is waiting for you in the dining room". Sumee' was speechless. A surprise birthday party. Wow! Sumee' felt ashamed. He thought the worse, when his family and friends only wanted the best for him. On the way to the dining room Tipster looked back at Sumee' and said, " act surprised". Sumee' hung his head in shame. He misjudged his family and friends. Walking slowly into the dining room the lights came on, the horns began to sound and everyone began to sing, " H a p p y B i r t h d a y T o Y o u ". Tears began to well up in his eyes, his chest got tight and all words abandoned him as he acted surprised.


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