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Updated on December 25, 2007

The Apple Tree

"That is the biggest tree I have ever seen, it almost reach to heaven", said Sumee'. Standing on hind legs with his head arched back he could hardly see the top. It was indeed a big tree, an apple tree. The fragrance from an apple tree should be one of the 'Seven Wonders' of the world. After all, it attracts the fowl of the heavens far and wide.

"You sound like you have never seen an apple tree". Startled by the voice, Sumee' spun around looking for who it might be. "Up here", said the voice. Sumee' jerked his head up, and there was Tipster perched on Tommy's window sill. "Oh, it's you; I thought I recognized your voice", said Sumee'. "Yeah right", said Tipster, rather smugly.

Tipster could see how much this apple tree really impressed Sumee'. Leaping to a nearby branch Tipster made his way down closer to Sumee' so he would'nt have to shout while giving him a history lesson of the apple tree. "Sumee' my friend, this tree is the center of the universe", said Tipster. He could see Sumee's eyes widen with anticipation. Keeping the momentum going Tipster quickly pointed to a round hole in the trunk of the tree. "You see that hole there, that's Woody's house. He is one of the few redheaded woodpeckers that live in this area. I use to chase him everyday. Never caught him though. We're good friends now; you will meet him later". "What's that"? asked Sumee', pointing to what appeared to be a bowl made of leaves and twigs hanging from a branch high in the tree. "Oh that's the Finches house", said Tipster. "They have three little ones that are due to hatch any day now, so we won't see much of them for a few more days. They were the first American Goldfinch family to move in this tree". Suddenly Tipsters ears perked up as he listened intently. Scampering along the branch he leaped to the ground. "I was too close to that annoying Blue birds nest", said Tipster. "The Blue birds are residents here also. They are quite anti-social though. They don't have many friends here in the apple tree. If you annoy them they will keep you up all night with the loudest chirping I have ever heard. We had better move back", said Tipster. "Why", asked Sumee'. "The last time I got too close to their nest he chirped all night and I didn't get any sleep. I'm not a happy camper when I don't get my sleep", said Tipster. It had become clear that the blue birds had made quite an impression on Tipster.

Sumee' noticed that Tipster had become nervous and agitated since the blue birds returned. So he decided to take over the conversation for awile, at least until Tipster could calm down. "Did you know that 'Bird Nest Soup' is a delicatessen in some parts of the world"? asked Sumee'. There was no response. "These birds, called Swift birds, build their nests in dark caves ...", but before he could finish Tipster cut him off .... , " Yes, I've heard of them, but none of them live in this apple tree".

"Come on, let's go to the park," said Tipster, dismissing the lesson of the apple tree, for now. "No! I can't", bellowed Sumee'. "Have you forgotten? I'm a hamster. I wouldn't last five minutes on the streets". Sumee' remembered the advice his friends gave him before leaving 'Barry's Pet Shop' about a year and a half ago: "don't go into the streets and neighborhoods alone, they would say; there are gangs all around, and if you get caught, well, we may never see you again, or worse", said Sumee'. "Don't be silly, I know most of the people around here. They come to our house for dinner, picnics and barbecues. They couldn't be friendlier", said Tipster. With ears perked, standing upright and listening intently, Sumee' moved deliberately toward Tipster. "They weren't talking about people", said Sumee. Talking in a slow whisper. "They were warning me about gangs of dogs". Sumee' was obviously shaken at the mere mention of venturing into the neighborhood. Now it was Tipsters turn to calm Sumee'. "I get pass them easily. They're not very smart. Dumb as a box of rocks", chided Tipster. "That's easy for you to say, you climb trees", said Sumee'. "Well, I could teach you", Tipster said, with a grin. "No way", Sumee' shot back. "Hamsters can't climb trees", shouted Sumee'. "Ok, Ok", said Tipster, trying to calm Sumee'. "There are other ways to get to the park without using the trees", whispered Tipster. "There is a route we can take where the dogs won't see us; But there is one small problem", said Tipster. "What problem", Sumee' asked "Well, there's this house with three of the worst boys you never want to meet. If they see us, and they probably will, we will have to run really fast", said Tipster. Sumee' reluctantly asked, "Why"? "They'll use us for target practice with high powered B.B guns", said Tipster. Sumee' was speechless, for all of three seconds: "No! No! No!, three times No", bellowed Sumee'. " I'm not the suicide type, forget it! I'm not going", yelled Sumee'. When Sumee' finally calmed down, Tipster was sitting as still as a statue, expressionless, waiting to get a word in. "There is plan c", said Tipster.


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      Nathaniel Stalling Jr 10 years ago from Detroit, MI

      Thank you. I appreciate your comments.

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      MRS. ROBERTS 10 years ago from RIVER FOREST, IL