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Sabina as an infered Buddhist

Updated on May 4, 2016

Sabina and Joyce meet

A teacher of mine said Hamlet was more valuable for its silences, for what was not told than because of what said. Infering. Escaping the dukkha thinking creates I remember the blind Daredevil Marvel superheroe. But that is a higher genre for me, as Unamuno said Drama was too much for Spain, just " esperpento" fitted.

Filling holes, feeling wholes.

Reversing Memento as an aim. I shouldn't be applying my time, my Being, my consciousness to this. Not fair

I will not search the cause, just let it comes. Whenever it had to approach. Reversing is not possible, and enterung without tools is a matter of fools. No antipsicotic that battles this, nor medicine, not placebo working here. Darkness will clear up as a final snow if the Dead in Dubliners were not drunk or under control.


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