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Sacred Burial Grounds the Untold Stories

Updated on March 12, 2017
Poetic Word Bird profile image

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Four Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Sacred Burial Ground

Another Sacred Burial Ground has been found; we must not let others play around with the memories of the Ancestors, with their pettiness, with their jealousy, with their “It Doesn’t Matter Now Attitudes”…

The Bones kept appearing from beneath the surface, showing themselves in Fragments.

A leg bone here, an arm bone there, pieces of a hidden history everywhere.

A Lost part of a nation within this within nation.

Separated from its Past, Unknown to the descendants of its Future.

Old Dry Bones stirring in their graves, not all of them were slaves.

The History Books have to be changed in order to stop their pain and tell their stories.

This Burial Ground is Holy Ground, those spirits yearn to be free and seek their true place in history.

We, as their descendants, must somehow Pay Homage to Their Spirits.

We must have them included and not secluded from the rest of antiquity.

We should Honor Them, even if we don't know much about them.

We should build a memorial; revise the history books, the spirits have once again spoken.

A leg bone there, an arm bone there, and pieces of a forgotten history everywhere.

Buried History rising up out the dirt, seeking rest and seeking respect...

Malik Canty

Word Bird

© 2013 Malik S Canty


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    • Poetic Word Bird profile image

      Malik S Canty 4 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Thank you for understanding about how important it is to honor the unknown who were never given a chance to be known.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

      Such a true and powerful message and well received by all who understand. Thank you for sharing this meaningful and important message. whonu