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Sad Love Poem- I Was Unnoticed

Updated on August 27, 2011

I implant a brick in my heart
No man out there can break it apart
I piled some stones and had an anchor
Wrap around my heart
For personal safety
So no man can enter at any way

No love is fine
No man in my life
Is better this way
So I don’t need to pleasure those men in any way

But I think wrong after a few years
This man came along
Took my breath away…
Man! My heart virginity is losing!

Its quite amazing how love really feel
The feeling I haven’t felt for many years…
My heart skips a beat when he’s near
I can hear the heart beat in my ear

The feeling I have was secretly kept
We became friends
And soon best friend

Yet he never knew
What feeling I kept
Its not friendship
But pure love

Everything I did
Was to please him
Showing him something that I was feeling
Yet he never notice
But just a friend

Soon my heart stop
After knowing he’s married
My heart became broken
And so it ache…
Love really hurt…
I learned it a hard way…


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