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Sad Prose From a Victim of Distracted Driving

Updated on May 10, 2014

Work to be done

This prose is written for a case I am working on. It involves a rear end collision. The victims were driving and stopped in traffic. They (thank God) were driving a Prius with all those batteries in the back. The car that rear ended them was a Mercedes. It hit with such impact that it partially collapsed the front passenger compartment.

It was driven by a real estate manager who was speeding and talking on his phone and so distracted that he only hit the brakes on impact.

We want to nail this bastard to a cross and make him the martyred poster boy for distracted driving. We are seeking punitive damages against him and his employer.

We will not stop until Distracted Driving is handled just like drunken driving. It should be criminalized.

Midnight Blues

Oh my darling I lay here weeping, when I should be sleeping

I watch you sleep a fitful one, induced by drugs the battle won

Do I weep for the wreck I see, or do I weep for only me

You are a school mom complete, with loving arms and smile so sweet

No longer can you compete, you can barely through pain do the fete

Now you cannot return my hugs, and painful is the slightest snugs

And if I hug you the pain is clear, what he did to you my loving dear

Making love is no longer pure, it is filled with painful fear and tear

We used to play together all the sports, now it is met with painful retorts

No longer are we free, to be the folks we used to be

Doctors say it will never leave, this painful injury that is up your sleeve

Surgery and rehab and so much missed time, for no reason and no rhyme

Weep we must, over 10 thousand lives a year and 150 thousand serious injuries, and so many are children and wives.

Truly a trail of one thousand tears.
Truly a trail of one thousand tears. | Source

Who to revile.

Who the hell is that man who took my wife, and ruined my life?

I want to look him in the eye, just to ask him simple why

My son and my bride were in that car, when you came to fast to far

Smashing and destroying their vehicle, and leaving behind a cripple

Was the cell phone call to a lover, I hope some day I discover

Just who was so important, to talk to at that instant

Apparently it was work for money, that caused the loss of my honey

How can your thoughtlessness take away all our bliss?

Epitome of human waste, how can I give you just a taste?

Are you next to kill or be killed?

Total destruction of lives for what -- to chat or text about fun stuff or to make a buck?
Total destruction of lives for what -- to chat or text about fun stuff or to make a buck? | Source

Carry on my friends

No hate and revenge is not mine, nothing will ever make it fine.

But I will hound all who will listen, send distracted drivers straight to prison

Please I beg you Lord tonight, stop this madness and make it right

Or give me strength here tonight, so that I can I can fight.

It is not statistics it is lives

Please for me

Leave that phone alone and concentrate on driving. It could be my four year old whose life you save.

Teach you children well ........

Let him grow up to drive a real car!
Let him grow up to drive a real car! | Source

Do you?

Do you even look at that phone while driving?

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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Bravo DSmizzle, and it can be done as evidence and not require any extreme new concept. I will suggest it to the Police Chief here and there. Great Idea. Thank you for that mucho.

    • DSmizzle profile image

      DSmizzle 3 years ago from Long Beach, New York


      This is a truly "outside the box" idea, but in New York in drunken driving cases, they sometimes confiscate the vehicle pending a disposition of criminal charges.

      It sounds like a funny idea, but what if they were to confiscate phones pending a disposition of a traffic offense involving using a phone / distracted driving?

      Since people seem to be willing to risk their own lives and others' by using their phones while driving, one would assume that they ascribe extreme importance to their phones. Taking them away pending a disposition, whether it be justified on evidentiary grounds or otherwise, might be a deterrent.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      DSmizzle what we have to do is hit the insurance folk and increase ticketing. The bump in rates after just one ticket will have huge effects. We are seeing actual concerted efforts by our local cops.

      Cellular corps still have to much juice for statewide mandates.

    • DSmizzle profile image

      DSmizzle 3 years ago from Long Beach, New York

      This is important stuff, Eric. The statistics seem crystal clear regarding distracted driving being as dangerous as drunken driving.

      Keep up the advocacy efforts, as - despite having made it a Vehicle and Traffic Law moving violation in New York - it is as bad as it ever has been!