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Saint Germaine - Poem

Updated on February 13, 2012

As body and soul struggle
Through finding balance in change,
I look to you and wonder
How you overcame.
Some thought you simple-minded.
Even I could have been called such
When I was battered and abused
And failed to realize it was anything but normal.
You had your sheep
As I had my "imaginary friends"
Rightfully called spirits and angels.
Neither you nor I
Ever allowed bitterness in;
Instead, we showered all with love.

We both loved God,
But here we change.
Your faith in God brought miracles;
You had no need of fear.
I, however, faltered.
Anger and sadness overwhelmed
Until I chose to end it.
But an ending is just a beginning
And that's when God changed faces
So that only I could see
God has different plans for me.

You died and went to Heaven
Before reaching the age I am now.
Change is stirring,
My intuition is burning.
Oh, sweet Saint Germaine,
If you had lived,
Would the transformation worry you too?
I have been bitter
And my heart is locked
From a life of betrayal.
How did you do it?
What was your secret?
Can I also walk on water
Just by giving my life to Goddess?

I am a child of the Gods.
I am a priestess for humanity.
I am a healer, a teacher, a witch.
So why do I feel so closed off?
Where is that key to unlock my heart?

You who suffered yet shone so bright,
Help me break free from these conditions
That I placed upon myself.
Saint Germaine,
Stay with me through the night
As I face the Shadow and overcome the fear.
Help me release the love I have
For all those who wronged me.
Teach me to turn betrayal
Into shared opportunities.
Show me the way to unconditional faith
That I may share it with the world.

In my time of transformation
I look to you and no longer wonder.
I know how you overcame.
To move beyond the bitterness and pain
I must look within
And reclaim my power.
Thank you, Saint Germaine.

© 2012 Evylyn Rose


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    • Evylyn Rose profile image

      Evylyn Rose 6 years ago from Colorado, USA

      I disagree. You keep away from learning when you refuse to learn. Being a priestess, teacher, healer, and witch are all roles that involve life-long learning. :) Thanks for the comment!

    • rambansal profile image

      Ram Bansal 6 years ago from India

      Once, you portrait yourself as a priestess, as a teacher, etc you keep away from learning. I prefer to be a student for ever to keep on learning..