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Sakura's Lost Wallet

Updated on April 20, 2015

What is this?

Some time ago I wrote a book called Chino and the Bug, and i that book alongside Chino there were many other fantasy characters including a little nekomatta girl called Sakura. now for those of you not familiar with the old myths, a nekomata is a multi tailed cat creature in Japan now I understand that my nekomata with two "T" instead of one but then Sakura is only based on the myths and not the myth her self. This is a short story about Sakura the Nekomatta I hope you enjoy it.


This is a story about a confident and goodhearted nekomatta named Sakura in her home land of Teriyaki. Of course to tell this story you need to know just what a nekomatta is. Nekomatta are strange mystical cat like creatures that walk upright and consist of more than one tail. They possess magic powers but mainly they are known for creating and controlling fire.

Sakura herself is white with long ears and three tails. There are three pink hair tuffs at the end of each of her three tails, and two ears. With several pink rings of fur traveling down her tails she is a very distinctive looking creature. Her slender body, shiny pink nose and luminous green eyes make her very pleasing to the eyes.

This is a story about just one of her many adventures in the land of Teriyaki.

Chapter 1

Sakura was lying back in her lawn chair relaxing, enjoying the beautiful, warm sunny day. It was a good day in Ichinohi; a small quiet village with an ancient Japanese architecture. However like anywhere else you need money and Sakura always made certain she had enough. As the young nekomatta opened her brilliant green eyes she said to her self, “As much as I would like to sit here longer I need something to drink.” Reaching over to her right arm rest where she had left her wallet she was surprised to find it was missing. “Hey!” Shouted Sakura, “Where is my wallet!?” Sakura crawled out of her chair and looked under it but to no avail. She then quickly stood up on her legs, looking around. “It was right here and I didn’t knock it off, at least I don’t think so.” She then heard a friendly chirp from above. As Sakura looked up she saw a pigeon holding her treasured pink wallet with the golden oriental dragon coursing across it. Sakura’s eyes widened as she shouted, “That’s my wallet! That pigeon has my wallet!” The nekomata moved over to the tree and began to climb up to the branch where the pigeon was. “Hey there little guy,” said Sakura. “I don’t mean to be rude, but that is my wallet and I would like to have it back.”

The pigeon just watched her, tilting its small head to the side. Sakura blinked and slowly climbed onto the branch with the pigeon, creeping toward the bird. “Okay little bird no one’s going to hurt you.” Just as she said this the bird hopped to the finer end of the branch. Sakura ducked her head down and mumbled, “Perfect!” She crawled closer, remarkably the bird didn’t move and now it was within arms reach. As the nekomatta began to reach her hand out there was a sudden crack sound from behind her and the pigeon flew away. Sakura looked back just as the branch broke off and she fall hard on the ground. Lying there watching the pigeon fly away she mumbled, “Okay that was my fault the branch was much too small for me. The bird had nothing to do with it…other than taking my wallet in the first place!”

Chapter 2

Sakura, still desiring that drink, continued to look for the thieving pigeon when she found it on a bucket which was barely peeking out of an old century well. Slowly she walked over until she was close enough to lunge at it. Once again the mischievous pigeon took off, just as Sakura made contact with the bucket, causing the frustrated nekomatta to fall in the well with a splash. Now nekomattas don’t mind getting wet, but not quite like this.

As the search had now taken Sakura into the main shopping area of the village of Ichinohei she was more determined than ever to retrieve her wallet and get herself a much needed beverage. “Oh, I probably scared the poor bird. It is still innocent, pigeon’s don’t know any better.” The lovely nekomatta then spotted the innocent feathered villain perched on a mirror, still holding the desired wallet in its tiny beak. Once again the pursuit was on. Sakura stared up at the bird when she heard someone say, “Are interested in that mirror missy?” She looked over to see one of the villagers, a turtle looking creature, looking back at her. She smiled and said, “Maybe, but let me get my wallet back from that pigeon first.” As the villager watched, Sakura stood on the tip of her toes, and leaned into the mirror trying to reach her wallet. The illusive pigeon flew off causing the mirror to flip hitting Sakura on her head, right between her pink ears. Now Sakura was angry. “Okay that time was different! It wanted me to hit my cute little head. Well no more! Where is that ornery little bird, so that I may teach it a lesson?”

Chapter 3

Now being thirstier than before, Sakura’s eyes scanned the market place looking for the feathered thief. Just then with her sharp hearing she heard some cueing. As her emerald green eyes followed the sound she looked up and she saw the pigeon staring down at her from a canapé above a fruit stand. The nasty pigeon turned and shook its tail feathers at her and made a rhythm of cues that sounded like, nya, nya, na, nya, nya. Sakura gritted her teeth and roared, “EAT FLAME BIRD!!!” And then the frustrated nekomatta threw a fireball at the taunting bird. Once again the pigeon flew away causing the fireball to hit the canapé.

As Sakura continued to throw fireballs at the bird, it kept dodging each one causing them to hit certain structures and objects. Until Sakura threw one final ball of fire that didn’t hit the pigeon, but the bird did finally end its game, dropping Sakura’s lovely pink wallet. She ran over picked up her wallet and shouted up at the fleeing bird, “YES!! I GOT IT BACK!” As Sakura danced in glee she heard an angry voice behind her saying “Good! Now you can pay for all this!” Sakura lowered her arms and looked behind her. There stood the mayor of the small village of Ichinohi; he was a creature resembling that of a Japanese snow monkey. As the once gleeful nekomatta looked around all she saw was the destroyed market place. “I don’t have that kind of money,” said Sakura. The mayor, red faced, stared at her and said, “Then we’ll work something out, won’t we?”

Later that evening, as Sakura pounded yet another nail into the wood, rebuilding one of the many buildings her fire balls had destroyed, she realized that she still had not purchased that refreshing drink she so desired. “Ah this stinks! I should have just stayed in my chair.”

The End

Want more from Sakura? Check out this book.

Last words

I wrote this a very long time ago, so if you find any misspellings I'm sorry and I will try to get to them as soon as I can. If you would like to see more short stroies about Sakura then please let me know and I will most certainly write more.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read my story and please write whatever comment or thought that comes to mind as just the feedback would make me feel good.

© 2014 James Hagseth


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