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Same Planet Different World

Updated on January 27, 2016

Are we alone?

Do you believe there is other life in the universe? Is it possible that in over two trillion stars in the 13 billlion light year wide universe we are the only life? Of course not; it is an impossibility. What is that other life like? Are they more advanced than us? What is their existed in our part of the universe a friendly galactic club of, like thinking, beings who wanted us to join their group. Would we jump at the opportunity or would mankinds natural scepticism make us think twice? It is typical in todays world that we need proof. "Yes I will believe in God so long as she introduces herself to me and proves she exists as the ultimate being." Or would an extemely advanced being with access to amazing technology be like a God? The Galactic League in my book has to take time to introduce themselves to us just because of that scepticism and their leader, GaMea, has been with us for thousands of years guiding mankind to a point in time where it will be right to "introduce" themselves to us. GaMea, by the way, is a 10000 year old female from Andromeda.

So what do you think of my ideas? PLease let me know.


The Same Planet Different World trilogy is an allegory to highlight the plight of the world from global warming and via its gripping storyline shows a pathway that is possible with the will of politicians and today’s technology to reverse the damage caused by man kinds burning of fossil fuels and indiscriminate use of chemicals.

I have always been very interested in other life forms in the universe and was probably amongst the first ordinary people in the 1980’s to realise that we are destroying our planet by burning carbon fuels. Running out of oil is not our biggest problem, global warming and population growth are, but the economics of oil is still driving most of our politicians. My concern led me to research alternative sources of energy but I realised that we are not yet technically advanced enough. Therefore I went off planet and solicited the help of an alien civilisation to resolve our problems.


Is the Universe dying? The universal expansion had slowed and the League of Galaxies needed to be at the Edge to investigate and try to repair the damage. All resources were needed and the Leagues species development programme on the planet Earth had to stop to recall all resources. GaMea, the ten thousand year old Andromedan director of Earth development, persuaded the League to allow her to continue so that she could deliver the five species being developed on Earth to staff the jump gates needed to reach the Edge and supply safe passage for all the people and equipment that would be needed.

Her plan included the guiding of Matt Wetherby, the Earth candidate, to become the head of a global energy corporation to help her lead the world to intervention with the League and enable mankind to help save the Universe. However League Councillor ZumBarens from the Dracan galaxy plotted to control the Edge to become the leader of the League and take over the Universe. GaMea discovered this and knew there would be dark days ahead. She would need all the help she could muster from the Secretary of the League and the Andromedan President. She didn’t know just what an epic adventure it would be over the final hundred years of the programme. She had to face oil companies, banks and government agencies trying to kill her and Matt while they created vast wealth via a cheap and clean energy corporation. This energy was based upon an off planet source and, as part of her plan, she with Matt resolved the global warming problem and cleared third world debt. GaMea didn’t know that she would also have to stop China overrunning the World and in her long lifetime she had never seen such things or faced such threats before. She would have to deal with forces that not only threatened the future of the World but also the fabric of the Universe itself.


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