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Same old crooks

Updated on October 13, 2012
Biafra flag
Biafra flag
Never attain...

The way things are right now among the Igbos tells me that attaining a sovereign state for our own good is a dream which cannot and will never attain. You see, the problem with this tribe Igbo is quite different from that of other tribes in Nigeria and i would want to stress on the reason why Biafra was declared and why Nigeria went to war.

Folks,"When the heart is troubled,the skin cries". You see, it was not that the then Eastern Governor Late Ezeigbo gburugburu,in the person of Late Comrade and Compatriot Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu wanted or agitated for the total separation of Igbos (East/South) from Nigeria. But you see, the Northerners were busy killing our brothers and sisters that lives in the North for no reason, one tribe which believed that they were born to rule hijacked the country and were marginalizing others especially the Igbos. It was all these that culminated the declaration of Biafra...(All hail Biafra)

Yakubu Gowon
Yakubu Gowon
Charles Taylor
Charles Taylor
There was Nigeria and there was Biafra,the former had nothing to stand on except cows and mainly would base on Agriculture for survival but the later had the big swaga; CRUDE.

That Biafra will never be was all about crude thus Nigeria dishonor of the Aburi accord.We all know what happened afterward, the act of inhumanity by a man to a man, Mothers slain,pregnant women cut open and fetus marched with booths,young and old raped, starvation upon human and the west did nothing. Yet Charles Taylor is criminalized today.(Was Gowon not worst than Taylor?)

Slain MASSOB members
Slain MASSOB members

MASSOB came to light, a self determination propelled and fueled by the same passion of Igbo's unity and well being, but the then President of Nigeria who was in intoxicated power mission pulled all national force against the existence of MASSOB, Chief Raph Uwazuruike was humiliated in the name of democracy and national interest.

Having touched all the points above,i wish to stress that things are not in good shape in Nigeria, believe me, if the North ever say that they are breaking away today from Nigeria, it will happen immediately and there will be no blood shed or hard feelings, it will just be. Boko Haram in it's blood thirsty feast said Islamic state,we all know what that means but the fact here is that they don't mean it.

I mean their sponsors,they don't mean a break away but a loose of power means no peace in the country. Jonathan Ebelechukwu will know no peace.

Members of Boko Hara,
Members of Boko Hara,

The continuous co-existence of all the entities that make up Nigeria is one illusion we all have to abandon and discredit everything that says One Nigeria because there is never One Nigeria and will never be, for freedom of speech, guarantee security,Jobs, Housing and the provision of all basic human amenities to all regardless of Tribe and Religion,all six Geo Political zones has to be independent of each other.

Until what happened in the Soviet
And the success of Yugoslavia is embraced
And until there is confederation

Nigeria will know no peace
The desire to make it a better place will never be attain
We know what is happening
And we know who they are
But the problem is that those we feel should talk
Are all yardsticks of Ota or Aso rock

They only care about their own political interest
While the masses suffer
We know what is happening
And we know who they are
But the problem is that those we feel should talk
Are all yardsticks of Ota or Aso rock

What we need is a visionary leader
All we need is love to guide and protect us all
Let us all come together to fight this monster
Believe me, i am sure of victory over haram
They know that we shall win
That is why they corrupted the greedy ones

We will never attain peace, development and progress in Nigeria as long as the forces to be are these same old crooks and i don't care if i am considered a tribes man because of my continuous and unconditional support for the Biafra cause, yes, i know that it is a difficult issue, i do understand every implication and risk it pose but for Nigeria to ever be what we dream of,there must be a confederation.

The Igbos should be on their own
The Ijaws on their own
The Hausa/Fulani on their own
The Youruba on their own

If not,one day one sect will as well be given away or sold for pride the same way Bakassi was sold for pride,an act of injustice overlooked by the west yet Moman Gaddafi was killed,those who sold away Bakassi are worst than a thousand Gaddafi.

Therefore, in conclusion,until the Igbos learn to love and appreciate each other and come together under one big umbrella,there will never be a national foundation for this tribe Igbo, it will forever be a self thing.Dissolve Oha na eze, dissolve every unworkable factor, break every dirty brick and give way for Odumegwu Ojukwu center and see Igbo excel beyond haram's comprehension.



Once we abandon internal power struggle and unite under this term;People for the People,we will defeat this government imposed on us for we are nothing but slaves and each time we intend to voice out our feeling,we become traitors whereas we are deprived of everything including the freedom to own ourselves.Our resistance to their oppression and intimidation means treason but i tell you this,there is no way for us to continue supporting a government we do not want,we have to stand against the submission to what we are wrongfully forced to believe.


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