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Sample Complaint Letters to Landlord for Repairs

Updated on March 6, 2016
A complaint letter to your landlord might see that your property is repaired quickly.
A complaint letter to your landlord might see that your property is repaired quickly. | Source

Rental life often equates to dealing with noisy neighbors, a lack of privacy and no equity on your home. However, it does not mean you are responsible for repairs. Property repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the landlord. Unfortunately, some landlords can be neglectful of their duties.

If your landlord has been slow at making a repair, consider writing a complaint letter. This will demonstrate that you are serious about the matter. It provides an opportunity for you to voice your concerns and let the landlord know you might consider relocating or taking legal action.

It is best to type the letter, if possible. Try to write it using business letter format. If you have repeatedly asked him/her to make the repairs, mail the letter through certified, signature-required postal mail.

Sample Complaint Letter About Oven Repair

Dear Mr. Burkeholder,

I live in townhouse #141c in the Bluebonnet Canyon Apartment Complex. I began my lease in August of 2017. I chose this apartment because it is close to my job, and has a balcony. While I happy with the location and amenities, I am very upset that you been slow at addressing repairs. My oven is currently not working at all. This has become a major inconvenience, and I need it repaired or replaced immediately.

I left you a message on Tuesday, January 25th and a second message on Thursday, January 27th. I did not have response from you. This letter is my next attempt to resolve this matter.

Mr. Burkeholder, this has become not only a nuisance, but it has hurt my budget. I have had to eat out since my oven is not working. I am kindly asking that you address this matter no later than Wednesday, February 2nd.

If you fail to repair my oven, I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau. If necessary, I will seek legal counsel to break my lease due to insufficient repairs. I am kindly asking that you will take $50 off of next month's rent due to this inconvenience and hassle.

If you address this issue immediately, I will agree to not leave any negative reviews or discuss this on social media. Please contact me at (501)543-4364. I hope to hear from you soon.


Nicki Riley

Sample Complaint Letter About Dishwasher Repair

Dear Mr. Bromley,

I am the renter for apartment #728b in the Twin River Apartment Complex on 1183 Newland Road. I have lived here for four months. Overall, I have been very happy with my choice. It is close to school and the library. I really like the fitness center and pool. I recruited a friend to live here as well.

As luck would have it, my dishwasher broke last week. This wouldn't be so bad, except I don't have time or energy to wash dishes due to my busy schedule. One of the reasons why I chose this apartment is because it has a dishwasher.

I do understand that you might have more important repairs and matters to address. However, I need the dishwasher repaired (or replaced) as soon as possible. Please take care of this matter no later than January 14th. I have always paid my rent on time, am a quiet tenant and am respectful to your property.

You are welcome to contact me at (432)234-3421. You can also email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Nancy Jorgenson

Landlords are responsible for repairing fences.
Landlords are responsible for repairing fences. | Source
A complaint letter to your landlord demonstrates that you are serious.
A complaint letter to your landlord demonstrates that you are serious. | Source

Sample Complaint Letter to Landlord About Fence Repair

Dear Mrs. Cantu,

I am a new tenant for your property located at 7832 Highland Drive. We signed the lease on Friday, March 18th. This home has been perfect for us. We really enjoy the neighborhood and nearby park.

I am writing to inform you that we are needing the fence to be repaired. There was a bad storm on May 2nd and it knocked over a portion of the fence on the west side of the house. We would like it repaired as soon as possibly, preferably within the next two weeks.

If you have any questions, please call me at (806)432-5443. Thank-you for your quick attention to this matter.


Sandy Chavez

For more examples, please read "Sample Complaint Letter to Landlords about Rent Increase". Good Luck!

As a renter you have rights.  Do not let your landlord take advantage of you.
As a renter you have rights. Do not let your landlord take advantage of you. | Source


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