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Sample The Saviour.

Updated on December 22, 2009

Sample The Saviour



Dear fellow writers,
I would like to invite you
yes you, the skeptic reading this plea
to simply try Salvation for a week
sample the Saviour
as you would a food
that you are unsure about
take him into your heart
as you would take
that strange tidbit of food
into your mouth
savor the saviour
for one week
be sincere,
get on your knees
with deepest conviction
and ask him for complete forgiveness
for all the things you have done
to displease him
in your whole life
no need to list them
he knows each time
and carries the scars of them
in his hands, and feet, and side
thank him for his sacrifice
given to save you then
ask him to bless you
and grace you with his
Holy Spirit,
invite him to
come into your soul
and stay there
like an old friend
he will cleanse your heart, and soul
and wash you with a warmth
so incredible that you
will be changed
like the sudden acquired
taste for a new food
ravenously eaten in big gulps
you will hunger no more
for seven days
you will be filled
with reassurances
and hope of more than
just what your
present course holds
it is a simple offer
that gives you eternal life
and a clean slate
death will hold no fear
and it is a gift given
by grace alone
how easy is that??
then in that week
be sure to
pick up a bible
at the local library
or any local church
ask Jesus for guidance
as you daily stick your finger
between the covers to a page,
and then open it
and read ten pages
or read till you feel
like stopping
it is all good
and will enlighten you
also take the time to
go to a church
that teaches salvation
ask around there are
plenty of former samplers
who will direct you
with big smiles
bathe in the fellowship of
others who know God personally
then see how it feels
to know Jesus completely
one week, seven days
one prayer meeting on Wednesday
and a Sunday full of singing
and joyous gathering with
good folks who will show
you only love those days
then on Monday if you decide
to go back to
the way you were
feel free,
but you won't
you will be a convict to sin
and you will feel convicted
the touch of Jesus opens eyes
to all that we do
that we cannot see as wrong
he will be waiting in the shadows
of your darkest hours
hoping you will
try him again forever
What have you got to lose?
it never hurts to try
you have tried everything else
and nothing seemed to be
as good as it looked
this is, this will be
you only need to sincerely
give it a chance
salvation is forever more
damnation is forever less
the balance is in your hands
weigh it carefully
and try the side that shines
like gold, then reap its rewards
from one one week
to one strong in Christ
and richly blessed for trying.
in Jesus name ~~~~~~~~~Amen



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