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Sample Wedding Thank-you Notes for Homemade Gifts

Updated on March 7, 2016
Wedding thank-you notes show your appreciation for their thoughtfulness.
Wedding thank-you notes show your appreciation for their thoughtfulness. | Source

Congratulations! You're married! After the celebration is over and you're back from your honeymoon, it is time to write those wedding thank-you notes.

It might seem like a chore, but thank-you notes demonstrate respect and gratitude. They show your appreciation for their gift and their thoughtfulness. And, they might just avoid awkward moments at a family reunion and Thanksgiving dinner.

If you are clueless on what to write for a handmade wedding gift, don't fret. These sample letters below will help you write your own thank-you note.

Dear Great Aunt Jo Beth,

Todd and I were thrilled to open your wedding gift! What a blessing! We absolutely adore the wedding quilt. I can't wait to hang it up in our new living room - it will match the decor perfectly. Thank-you so much for this wonderful gift! It will become a treasured family heirloom for sure.

We missed you at the wedding, but of course we understand. We look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving. It will be great to visit with you and share old memories. Hopefully I will have pictures to show you then of the quilt hanging in our new home!

Thanks again for the beautiful gift!


Todd and Julie

Be sure to write thank-you notes soon after your wedding.
Be sure to write thank-you notes soon after your wedding. | Source

Dear Marie,

Wow! What an awesome wedding gift! We absolutely love the personalized wedding date picture. It is such a unique and adorable gift! We have already found the perfect spot for it in our new home, near the fireplace. It matches the living room perfectly, and I love the personalized touch. Thank-you for such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Also, thank-you for coming to the wedding! It was so nice to see you. One of these day we need to plan another Girls' Road Trip!

Thanks again! Have a great rest of the week!


Jennifer and Shawn

Dear Tim and Susan,

Thank-you very much for the wonderful wedding video! What a beautiful gift! We have already watched the video several times,you did an amazing job. Thank-you for your time and thoughtfulness. We love the way you added personal advice from friends and family, and how you captured all the special moments. Thanks! It will be fun to share this video with friends and family at our housewarming party next week.

Your kindness and support means so much to me. We are so blessed to have the two of you in our lives. You are a blessing!


Eric and Jenae

Dear Julie,

Wow! What an amazing gift! We both smiled when we saw the photo collage you put together. We LOVE it. We put it on our fireplace mantel, it is such a great present. Thank-you so much!

Also, thank-you for coming to the wedding and rehearsal dinner. I know it was not easy taking off work and making the trip, and I'm so grateful you were able to come. I'm so grateful for our friendship and your support. Friends like you are hard to find, I am so blessed to know you. Looking forward to seeing you in December!

Through Christ's Love,

Jessica and John

A homemade thank-you gift card adds a personal touch.
A homemade thank-you gift card adds a personal touch. | Source

Dear Mrs. Cantrell,

We love the doormat! It is a creative and cute gift. Personalized gifts are my favorite. It is now appropriately placed by our front door, it looks great! Thank-you very much!

Also, thank-you for helping with the wedding. It was so nice of you to help pass out the bird seed, and clean up after the reception dinner was over. You are such a blessing to all of us! Thanks!

I hope to get to see you again soon. Next time we are in town we need to meet for coffee or lunch. Hope you have a great Spring Break!


Tara and Tim

These are just a handful of sample thank-you notes for wedding gifts. For more advice on writing thank-you letters, please read, "Sample Thank-You Notes to Volunteers."

Remember, you have one full year to send your thank-you notes. However, it is best to try to write them within three months. Some guests will wonder if you did not receive their gift, and they look forward to your personal message.

Congrats! Happy Newlywed Life!


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    • Samuel Orris profile image

      Samuel orris 22 months ago from Texas

      Great gift. I also got it five times from my friends.