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Sample asking for payment letter

Updated on July 5, 2011

 Asking for payment can be tough especially when there is a recession and people are generally finding it hard to pay their bills. Some people avoid opening and reading payment request letters altogether. Below is a sample letter asking for payment of an overdue amount. You can customise it, change it or modify it to personalise it according to what you need. Basically with a payment request letter:

- You remind the reader that they owe you money
- Warn them that you may consider taking further action if they don't pay or contact you to make some sort of payment arrangement
- Invite them to explore other payment options with you.

For more sample letters visit the credit letters website. Learn to write effective letters here


Mrs. Jane Coaster
56 Bridget Jones Drive
Film Lane
ZL 394675

Dear Mrs Coaster,

Re: Overdue Payment Reminder

Our records show that we have not received your payment of $350 which was due on August 23, 2008. We hope this was just an oversight on your part and you will be able to remit the funds due immediately.

We need your payment in full so we can continue to serve your needs. The requested amount does not include any applicable late charges and fees. Because of your history of on-time payments, we have waived the penalty charge. In future, however, we will be obliged to charge a penalty to overdue accounts.

If your records show that you paid this payment before the date of this letter, you still need to contact us so that the discrepancy can be resolved and any errors corrected on your account. Please let us know immediately if there is any question concerning the payment.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us so that we can help you in working through the situation and bring your account back up to date. We can provide you with counseling or a listing of approved counseling agencies which you can contact for help and assistance.

Please call us on the toll free number listed above so that we can begin to work through this situation together.

Yours Sincerely,

George Luke
Customer Accounts

Sample asking for payment letter
Sample asking for payment letter


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    • profile image

      Fly 4 years ago

      He does not know how to work that thing or use it. He's like How am I supposed to use this thing? Do i have it uipsde down? Probably not. I don't know how to take this plastic off!!! HELP ME JESUS!

    • profile image

      Eron 6 years ago

      What about a way to automatically send these letters and monitor opening rates,

      etc - via email - - Any feedback?

    • profile image

      AISHA ROXAS 6 years ago