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Sample hardship letter for mortgage to stop foreclosure

Updated on July 2, 2011

This sample mortgage hardship letter for helping with stopping foreclosure is for illustration purposes only.  If you are facing foreclosure seek professional advice as soon as possible and approach your lenders with a repayment proposal without delay. 

More letter samples available at Credit Letters


May 30, 2009

Mr. J.R. Klegstonia, Loss Mitigation Specialist
Bigger Houses Mortgage Finance Co.,
256 True Living Homes
Washington Trees, WT 52689

RE: Fiona Rees Keggings, 12 Tinadale Greens, Los Angeles, CA 452555-89272-1.
Mortgage Loan Account number: 9876543210

Dear Mr. Klegstonia:

I am writing to apply for a loan modification plan.  I would like to bring my mortgage payments current within the context of an affordable mortgage payment plan. We have lived in our House for over 30 years now and I strongly believe that with hard work on my part and your cooperation I can manage to maintain the payments and therefore keep the house.

I fell behind on my mortgage payments because I lost my job and was unemployed for almost 12 months. I have now found a stable job and my wife has also started working full time. I was not able to make full mortgage payments for January through May and my partial payments were returned by you.

Since my employment situation is back to normal and my wife is now working, I believe that I will be able to start making full payments again soon. I saved all the returned payments for the five months from January through May and the amount is now totaling $3,800.  I am ready to use this money as part of a plan to get caught up under a modified payment plan.

Enclosed is a copy of our family budget showing all the current income and expenditure?  I am kindly requesting that you modify the loan so that payments are $900 or less per month, so that I can manage to maintain the mortgage payments.  If you look at the line items on our family budget, you will notice that there are no extras. It’s very important for us to keep the house to live in and so that we can avoid disrupting our children’s schooling. Thank you for your consideration and for putting yourself in our position and trying to help.

I really want to work with you to pay back the entire loan that I owe and would greatly appreciate it if you could allow me a little flexibility on the monthly payment.  Please feel free to call our foreclosure prevention counselor, Mrs. Ana Jonathan, at 000-222-0000 to discuss this further.


Fiona Rees Keggings

Sample hardship letter for mortgage to stop foreclosure
Sample hardship letter for mortgage to stop foreclosure


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