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Sample suspension letter for poor work performance

Updated on October 8, 2009

Looking for a sample suspension letter? Then you have come to the right page. Below is a sample letter that can be modified to suit a variety of situations or circumstances. It is written to an employee in the same company as the sender. There is also a section for the receiver to sign to acknowledge receipt of the letter. This avoids the problem where someone would try to deny that they never received the letter in the first place.

Click here to learn to write effective letters. Additional job-related letter samples are available here.



TO: Carl Riverland

FROM: Lena Coaster, Supervisor

DATE: October 6, 2006

SUBJECT: Initial Written Warning for Poor Attendance

Three months ago you received an initial warning letter, and about a month letter you received a second warning which outlined several serious issues in your job performance. I have been monitoring and inspecting your work since then as detailed in the second letter and you have not made any serious attempts to improve in the areas that we identified and discussed.

1. You have been making frequent mistakes and errors when filling out customer request forms. When revisions have been requested, they have often been returned with more errors which were not present on the original form.

2. You have persistently failed to use resources provided by the company to improve your standard of work and to manage the data that you collect. As a result, your work continues to be largely unacceptable and your error rate has not declined. Again corrected forms still come back with more errors.

3. As pointed out in the second warning letter you seem to be having a problem with issues relating to the excessive amount of calls you are making and are unable to concentrate on your work. Such calls should be limited to emergency situations only.

As you have been working in our department for over a year, but have continued to provide a standard of work that is at an unacceptable level of performance, you are being suspended for 7 days without pay effective immediately. You are expected to return to work at 9.30 a.m. on Monday, December 3.

I want to emphasize that unless you work performance improves immediately and remains positive, I will have no other choice but to terminate your employment.

cc. HR Department

Employee's Signature to Acknowledge Receipt

Sample suspension letter for poor work performance
Sample suspension letter for poor work performance


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      5 years ago

      20bI'm glad you enjoyed it I know a lot of aturohs don't worry about search engine rankings but if you do, links are the #1 criteria and getting diverse links to your site is a never ending process for most. Plus, it's nice to have another source (besides forum posts/blog comments) that's dependent entirely on your effort rather then others.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Que ideia boa trocar coorseprndeancias!E ainda mais assim com tanto capricho.O e-mail facilitou muito a vida, mas tirou essa troca de carinho, cheiro, tato. Ficou tudo te3o mais frio!


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