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Sample warning letter for poor performance at work

Updated on October 8, 2009

Warning letters are not very difficult to write. If you are writing to an employee at your workplace then you don't even have to format it in the traditional way with salutations and the two addresses. You can use a format similar to the one below. Your company may have a different format that they use and that's ok. If you are sending it to an external entity then you have to use the usual format with two addresses, the to-address and the from-address (your address) plus a salutation at the start and a signature at the end.

Sometimes a warning a letter written for poor performance at work may eventually lead to termination of employment or a court case. These types of letters should therefore be written with extra care. It’s a good idea to have your superiors or your boss look at it before you send it out.

Click here to learn to write effective letters. Additional job-related letter samples are available here.



TO: Carl Richards

FROM: Lena Chapman, Supervisor - Customer Requests Management

DATE: March 9, 2007

SUBJECT: Initial Written Warning for Poor Performance

At 11.30 am on February 12, we met to discuss your failure to follow company procedures and instructions relating to handling of customer requests.

1. You did not respond to a customer's request on a timely basis and you also failed to make an important appointment for a long-time customer who ended up taking her business to our competitor. Also, you prepared two customer-request forms which were later found to be incomplete with numerous errors. You even forgot to fill in the customer's surname making it difficult for the department to find out who had made the request.

2. Even though you were aware that filling in all areas of the request form should have been done on a daily basis, you let some areas accumulate for over two weeks before attending to the issue. Consequently, the requests were not processed on time and many of the customers concerned have complained about the poor handling of their requests. You were given verbal/oral instructions that nothing was to be left blank or incomplete. We also issued a reminder 14 days later to get all your work up to date including specific instructions relating to some very important cases. Both of these directives were ignored.

This type of work is unacceptable and I urge you to make immediate improvements in your work performance before further corrective action becomes necessary.

cc: Customer Management department file

Sample warning letter for poor performance at work
Sample warning letter for poor performance at work


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    • profile image

      chetan 7 years ago

      Bakwas, this type of warning letter will leave the employer in legal concequence.

      please prepare a warning letter in decent words such that it does not create problems to the company.