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Samplings of the Short-Stories and such

Updated on April 20, 2017
Ian CW Cameron profile image

Ian is a young writer from the mountains of Colorado, He has been writing since he was a toddler and his passion has not since faded at 30.

Small Sample of A Fantasy story

Edard Aames stood upon the podium, looking out onto the spacecraft deck. The dust planet of Dundar was the stark contrast of color that filled the black of space. The soldiers looked ready for this planet, "Remember, in this planets reality, Dragon's rule the planet. We need to jump in, set up the surveillance towers, and get out."

A voice broke the cheering, "If it were up to me, we wouldn't even be here!' A large man called from the middle of the lines. Edard looked first at the planet, took a deep breath, and engaged the man's eyes. "If it were up to me, people would be allowed to live free. Free from consumerism, the slavery, free to live simply or live large. What happened to free will?" ....

A FFPH story

We were given regions as code names, I was known as "Dakota Ridge," or D-R for short. This will be mission number 7, a lucky number in this instance hopefully.

A fellow self-proclaimed "Ninja Photographer," survived a 7 on 1 gunfight on his 13th mission, ever since that number has been unlucky to him. Said he "didn't even fire a single bullet and the world became privy to the mass murders that had been taking place under the World Population Act passed by the world's senators

"I once heard," he was telling me, "it takes a 2.0 plus grade point average to be given the allowance of life." "Imagine the look on the stupid bullies faces," I interjected laughing, "but seriously 2.0 isn't that hard to keep." Never had in my right mind did I think this could be happening under the new Free Peoples World Republic, but that is where we come in. That's why I signed up for the FFPH

The Freedom from Fear Photography Horde

We are the men and women exposing the truth to the world, fighting the elements and obstacles that keep the truth hidden from the world. Under the Transparency act, new forged by the FPWR, gave every Earthian the right to information. Companies and State (formerly country) governments would be given time to disclose agendas, projects, and various other information which would keep greed in check. Neighbors would be given the same courtesy, but privacy had become limited to inside the personal household but crime and terrorism had hit near 0%. This is because of the FFPH and allied groups. We reach into the millions and fight for the sanity and security of Humanity.


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