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Weather in San Francisco and Pacifica: 3 Short Poems

Updated on February 27, 2018
DzyMsLizzy profile image

As a lifelong reader and writer, Liz writes articles and poetry. She also enjoys watching and reviewing movies.

1. Unseasonable

Wind howls 'round corners;

button coat, don mittens.

Gray sky lowers,

and blows wet in my face.

Clammy plaster of fog; fangs on the wind.

Chill and damp:

Summer has come

to Pacifica.

Misty, Damp Day

Peaceful scene belies the chilly damp
Peaceful scene belies the chilly damp | Source

2. Sunrise-Set

I stood on the western cliffs

in the fog.

As I watched,

the sun came out,

and went down.

You have to live in Pacifica

to understand.

Fog Obscures Everything

 Who would guess a world-famous bridge is hidden within?
Who would guess a world-famous bridge is hidden within? | Source

3. Illusions

Fog sifts into coast,

brilliant glare of sun obscured:

Fog makes sun the moon.

Sun Looks Moon-Like

Sunrise?  Sunset?
Sunrise? Sunset? | Source

Backstory to This Poem

From 1976 until 1997, I lived in Pacifica, California. It was where the houses we could afford were, but I detested the weather, especially in the summer months.

Fog was the prevailing theme, morning, noon, and night. Sometimes, living atop a ridge as we did, we were enveloped inside the fog, and visibility was near nil. It caused my younger daughter to realize the answer to her own question of, "What's it like inside a cloud?"

At other times, the fog was low-lying, and driving down from our hilltop toward the beach, we'd be asking, "Okay, who stole the ocean?"

Pacifica is a town on the Pacific Ocean, just south of San Francisco. The two cities share many weather traits, although San Francisco has more micro climates than does Pacifica.

"Unseasonable" was written in April of 1987; "Sunrise-Set" was written in August of the same year; and "Illusions" was penned in May of 1988. All three were revised in May of 2010, and a final minor revision was done in February of 2018.

© 2010 Liz Elias


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