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Sane and Incoherent

Updated on December 9, 2015

Your Opinion Is Valid


Exciting new poem. Equal in depth and height.

Lacking cohesion and continuity, I muster the strength to rise up. Gathering the world’s excuses I shuffle it all around in my gut.

Staggering out into the streets- as a lunatic; I shout my motives out loud. Inconsonant and inharmonious; a heretic, I am martyrdom bound.

Unconnected and unorganized my words seem as they are a rant. A fountain of information swirling in my mind, and hours of learning time spent.

Preparation for the finale, I brace and pray for strength. I wield the sword of faith and consistently repent.

Conscious of my calling I bare my heart for truth. Disconnected from my former self, I remember the girl of my youth.

Evolution happened and I am gone-replaced with a logical model. Robbed of enchantment I see with eyes that seldom doddle.

Bracing for impact, I ground in deep; incompatible with secular bodies, heaven and earth I lie between, my mission is no hobby.

I have reaped my sin and I am renewed; blended with reality and dreams.Discarded fear, discarded hopes, and discarded love, I have cast them in to the sea. I have scavenged courage, scavenged wisdom, and scavenged authority.

Stepping out onto this plain I see with eyes that are not mine. The veil is lifted and the sands sifted, I find what many look for their entire lives.

Drunk with anger I see it all and fail to understand the cause. Why fight and try to divert the ending; it is written-it has been written by God.

I fight on the side that is already won, you may not understand now but you will. The sky-shows, and the earth shaking will offer more than thrills.

I swoon as my tasks are outlined in my thoughts, I am chosen to rebuke. I scamper out into the sunshine containing knowledge no one can refute.

Starboard to port the ships are sound and the waves cover the masts. My vessel is unsinkable and my bow cannot be breached, my feet will reach dry land.

An illusion they say as they dance and sway; as the world erodes beneath their very feet. No money and no riches, no caves or deep ditches shall keep you safe from the King of the Sheep.

To know this all leaves me sane and incoherent, and I beg him for more time each day. More time to say that I am sorry, more time to forgive, and yes more time to pray.

Introducing Xuan Di

A new read. Come inside the Black God Mind
A new read. Come inside the Black God Mind | Source

V T Willi

A poetic paradise
A poetic paradise | Source


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    • vtwilli profile imageAUTHOR

      Vanessa T Williams 

      5 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      Thank you so Jodah

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      5 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Very inspirational poem of devotion and faith, Vanessa.


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