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Sappy Love Poetry

Updated on May 16, 2011

Love Poetry?

I consider myself a bit of a sarcastic cynic so it may come as a surprise that I have a bit of a hopeless romantic in me. I've been writing poetry since I was a kid. It was definitely a talent that helped me express my feelings for girls as a teenager since I was so socially awkward. I used to pass poems to girls but, contrary to what I'd been taught by television, it turns out modern day women just don't give a shit about love poetry in general... or at least let's just say I never got any dates out of it. See, there's the hopeless bitter cynic XD

I figured I'd post some of my love poems here for the nice folks of the internet to enjoy, they're collecting dust on my laptop anyway.

Sands of Iron

Strike me down with Iron bars

And I'll be up again

To claim my endless love

Who sleeps beneath the sand

She shines at night

And in the day

Gives me heat and light

If you strike me down with lightning bolts

Surely I will rise again

To be with her who is gently laid

Under the cool white sand

To hold her ever in my arms

And her to hold my hand

This was the first actual love poem I ever wrote though I forget exactly how old I was when I wrote it.

Igneous Eyes

Eyes, eyes that shine even in hell,
A heart that finds light in these empty shells
A hand, each elegant digit painted over with precious skin
Each gentle caress of that hand brings fire and shivering…

Lips, lips that speak, and words that bring tremors
The kiss, the kiss brings the aftershocks
Her wondrous lips are the epicenter of her destruction
And the tools with which she carves her love

Her eyes are hooks but her lips bring detonation.
Her hands are dainty but they are not of convention.
A heart that beats onward despite a loveless world
A beauty that she holds deeply, waiting on her love…

Like solar orbs, her eyes are igneous,
Her beauty rivals the ancient night-fires.
For it is the same beauty I see in her eyes,
God’s arcane and ancient elegance and grace,
Planted somewhere, beneath her angelic face.

She cries out to the heaven’s, for a true and nameless love,
As I have cried so many nights, when the aching was too much.
Thirst for a love, that mocks man’s shallow affections,
Searching for something more than lust and fleeting obsessions.

To calm the aching wound, and feel arms hold her in peace,
Waiting for the one, and wishing that this hurt would cease.
Oh if we could meet one night, when we both sleep awake,
To know that love, elsewhere, exists, and finally stop the ache.

God crafted Eve from Adam’s flesh,
And ever since he’s searched
To find that missing piece of himself,
And hold her by the moon.

“A missing half have I,” said she.
Said he, “I lack half too.”
“Would it be a sin,” asked she,
“if you hold me by the moon?”

So we let the tide carry us high, and soon our love did bloom.
Still we sleep awake each night, in peace under the moon.
Remembering with grateful loving hearts, what it means to be incomplete,
To know that love, elsewhere, exists, and finally, to stop the ache.

You'll notice that when I wrote this I was still a Christian, still I think it's a pretty decent poem regardless.


I can feel my heart ache open
Each time I think of her eyes.
The wound they made cries out
And refuses to be quiet.

Like the bellow of Leviathan
From within the depth of my soul
The bleeding wound within me
Dying to be made whole.

I thirst, I thirst for oasis,
But I fear the dunes have no end.
Just to drink one lovely kiss
And escape the sting of sand.

Just a glance is all it would take
From her unfathomable eyes,
To quell love’s drought conditions
And resurrect the rainy skies.

The wound is open still
Her eyes the disease that infects it,
The aching for the pill
The remedy still escaping.

I remember well those eyes
I remember clear the flame
Love’s lovely lavender guise
Though I do not know her name.

The search, the ache, the wound
It is too deep to sew it shut
I will bleed to death by noon
If I do not heal this cut.

O to hold her hand
To have such a maiden’s heart
To gaze upon her daily
To love her from the start.

To live to see her glad,
And steal away her fear.
To hold her nightly by the moon
And wipe away each tear.

But for now I will amble onward
Her eyes like stars that cut me down
I will bleed to death by midday
If love cannot be found.

I wrote this after coming in momentary contact with a particularly beautiful woman some years ago. I only saw her that one time but she had these incredibly unique colored eyes, they seemed almost purple.


This is my most recent love poem. How recent you ask? It's only about an hour old or so.


Dreams, dreams everywhere but I've got no time to think
I would give 'most anything if only I could have a drink
One tiny sip of you my dear, one eyeful star-crossed glance
More time to spend with you here, and let this moment last

Lingering in the twilight, moonbeams dancing on your skin
Star shine locked inside your eyes, as we descend yet again
Into dreams beneath the veil of this never-ending nighttime dance
More time spent with you here, but this moment never lasts

The sands all fall so rapidly, leaving me waking up
Fading from embracing you, as the door to this world shuts
My eyes open to the light, of another pointless hopeless day
What I wouldn't give my dear, If I could only stay

If I could express your beauty, upon this empty sheet
I would write a thousand tales of adventures had while I was asleep
Of the way we fought it all together and never forsook our love
Until the sunlight took you away forever, the day that I woke up

Put me back under, I'd do anything for a second of sleep
To return to that world of mist and dream, where you wait for me
One tiny kiss upon your lips and I was lost beneath your spell
The more time I spend awake the more the world looks like hell

What I felt with each slumbering breath, when we loved and danced
Left me longing for your softest touch, just one taste of romance
I would fight through any obstacle, I would take any wild chance
For more time to spend with you here, and make this moment last

Dreams, dreams everywhere but none of them bring me near
I float in another cloud somewhere, far from your angelic air
One moment more and I'd make you mine, dry every single tear
Together against the world we'd fight, without a single fear

Beneath the placid sea of sleep, drowning under your skin
I sink now once more into the deep, never to awake again
I've forsaken the world of waking, swallowed down into the depths
Now I have forever to spend with you, and this moment never ends


I hope that was enjoyable and not too sappy. I haven't written a whole lot of poetry in recent days, I've been focusing more on writing song lyrics - which is almost the same thing in a lot of ways. I hope to post more of both lyrics and poetry. Feel free to leave feedback below and check out my other hubs.


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    • profile image

      anne 5 years ago

      this is beaut, although it makes me feeling some what sorrowing inside. I love your poetic skills, I'll look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 5 years ago from back in the lab again

      Honestly the second to last one, Midday, I only met her once. She worked at the copy/print place nearest to my old house. Needless to say she made quite the impression mainly because she had lavender eyes.

      The last poem, Lingering, wasn't written about a specific woman but an imaginary one I dreamed about, hence why in the poem I have to be asleep to be with her. It was soon after I saw the movie INCEPTION, so I used a bit of that for inspiration as well.

    • profile image

      Lybrah 5 years ago

      I love your poems...especially the last two. The women you wrote those for...did you share the poems with them?

    • profile image

      Lybrah 5 years ago

      I am a modern day woman who cares about love poetry...Check out mine if you get a chance.

      Yes, I am totally stalking your hubs

    • lemmyC profile image

      Ben 7 years ago from UK

      Titen Sxull

      Who is love? Where can love be found? You're a talented and gifted writer. You cannot run away from what you've been called to do. Where is your first love? I've spent some time to read your poems and articles. Please don't allow gift to to corrupted, by the so called 'knowledge of this age'; the will come to nothing. Keep up with your interest but find your first LOVE.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 7 years ago from back in the lab again

      Thanks Austinstar, glad you enjoyed my poem :)

      Ps. Okay you caught me, I'm batman, now my secret identity is exposed ;)

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 7 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      I love poets and sometimes love their poems. Lingering was one of the better ones I have read. I wonder who you are.


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