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Sasqwatch and me hugging a tree

Updated on October 31, 2012


Strawberry river floating free,

Sumerian ancestry is it in me,

well talk to the mushroom and maybe we'll see,

sacred geometry,

drawing a line defining unity,

sacredly silent grown without u.v.,

just beneath our feet... You and me,

out of sight, out of mind spiritually,

but the truth is it's been a part of our foundation in every point of our history,

from the Christmas tree to Easter ya' see,

people ate mushrooms to get high smilin' ear to ear ya' hear, happy with glee,

to celebrate and to meditate looking up at the universal starlit scene,

sweeping across the skies so serene,

auroras come toward us, over us... Purple blues and greens,

like a decoration for the holidays or Santa's simple sleigh team,

jingle and ring those bells... what the hell if it sells deck the halls as well, it's the time... The time of year to stay, swell. Out of steam


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    • goego profile image

      goego 5 years ago from Loserland

      I love you too Miz, you're an awesome rocker!!! Funny you should say such a thing... Wrote a little ditty called "hey you" last night, just a bit I'll have it up in a few

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 5 years ago

      Goego, you're nuts! I love you! What's worse, I understand you and every word you said. That's scary! Did I say I love you? Up, up, up, my friend.