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Satin dreams verse

Updated on April 28, 2014

My eye's slowly awaken to some distant
and untimed sound
there in the half lite of dawn
In spite of my usual sleep
This morning feels good
Closing my eye's again
I slide my arms half rolling over
to decide if remaining there
is in the cards
my arms once too warm now
move across cool sheets
and find comfort
in a half
awake dream world
My naked arms smile in comfort
at the coolness of the sheets
beneath them

Now my hands seemingly without
moving find her bare
thigh and sigh without
as she rolls sleepily to me without
a wasted word
her forearms find the circumference of
my neck and her soft
belly finds mine
her cheeks touch mine and her
soft sighing awakens
age old instincts that
can only last so long

At once in the following of an hour
there comes a crescendo
of soft sounds
Of intense hand holds and finger
an explosion
a touching of eyes
There comes the scent of man and woman
meeting on some plane between
and soft satin
And there comes a connection
never dared before
now a
conceiving of
a life anew

Ten months after one satin dream
after another
they lie there together again
and between them a baby
girl softly
cooing in the same dawn
and awakening four hands
reach around and
find the bodies still
and in soft dreams of
two sleeping bodies
there is a recurring dream
of other nights
other dawns
other satin dreams


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