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Saturdays what a Day!

Updated on February 25, 2011
Saturdays',Information on Deserts and the Weekends
Saturdays',Information on Deserts and the Weekends | Source

Information on Deserts

Saturday , the really only day in the week that people tend to lay off from the pressure of the 5 day work week , unless of course you work in retail,carry a second job, or a writer. I live in the desert, so information on deserts on a Saturday is what I decided to write about, what information on deserts can I give a reader that would be enjoyable or even informative. If you live in Phoenix, Az. you have information on desert living , and you can go to the mountains, yet I live in the flat lands of west Texas, and information on deserts where I am located , I will try to explain.

The desert can mean so many things , yet for a holiday or a weekend it means for me to get out of town or write more. For Information on desert living I will clue you in, There is green trees in the city part of Midland , Texas and we have large buildings, that stand high in the open flat-lands, you can see for miles, and no mountains or lakes within 130 miles of this city in Western Texas. Personally I am not that fond of Midland ,Texas, yet I grew up in an Oil and Gas related business family and this is where the wind blows and the oil flows. For more information on desert living, I will say this the people tend to be desert looking in a sense , hard driven looking from working in the oil patches,and breathing the h2s gas fumes on a daily bases can't be that good on one's system, yet you get use to it.

I think it's a great pretty town to retire in , Midland, Texas has information on desert activities everyday in the local newspaper, yet if it does not mention an Ocean or lake I lose interest in this place fairly quick, that's why I decided to start writing. I use to live 500 miles away next to the Ocean in North Padre Island, Texas, and it was beautiful to wake up to the sea,and birds, so I am sure soon I will make it back to that location as I am a Texan and in Texas it's an ok state. The Desert in Midland , hardly ever referred to as a desert is very bland when you get out of the city limits, ther is brush and dirt with mesquite trees lining the roads, there are cotton farms and oil rigs galore getiing that oilman rich. I should shut up on the oil part , that is how I fund part of my writing, so it's all good.

There is a tourist section of Midland, Texas and Information on desert living is not really abundant, no one refers Midland as to a desert, I am here to say, Yes It is, and It's home for now, Saturdays there is the mall, we have all the walmarts and target, and major stores, then that's about it. You must have a hobby or you would drink and smoke yourself to death in this city. There are quite a few AA groups and NA groups in town just for that reason. I am a recovering drunk myself, and though I have chosen my own path, Saturdays' are actually a day for me to work more and to concentrate on my musical side of life, so I forget about really where I am until I want a coke or something, then it's a nice short drive to a convenience store, everything is close by in this desert , so I should not complain as much as I have. I guess that is why , Information on desert activities are what you make it out here.

Christopher Hyer2.19.2011


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