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Save It

Updated on January 20, 2014

Step up to the plate,before it's too late,

I don't know what I'm saying, Can someone relate?

Or does it sound like I'm playing? I check my mixtape,

Quietly waiting, for all my mistakes,

I'm really really tired, my eyes feel like they're bleeding,

Watch me climb my mind mountains high like I'm succeeding,

Some day they will see, whatever's left of me,

That though my spirit feels like dying I am always free,

These thoughts that cloud my head, have three steps up ahead,

I watch these stop lights turning red, why don't they flash instead?

To warn me of this dread, of lying on my bed,

Gathering trivial info hoping my memories are not dead,

As I stroll along this beach, that never ever sleeps,

The only way to reach my soul is inside of my dreams,

With every inch of passion, destined as I speak,

I'm who I am, it's all a plan, unknown to those so bleak,

The past is never gone, for all those broken songs,

Remind me of how strong I am, For here is where I belong,

Stop me, if I'm wrong, the future looks so long,

For every moment wasted here I wish to live headstrong,

I guess the only thing left,

Is my heart felt stress,

Disguised by words,

hidden in my brain....

I'm really looking forward to my success.


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